Window Facing Hanging Screen-I

Based on industry standard panels and powerful aluminum radiators inside, which would work at temperature up to 70°.
  •  Model: No.540XH-I
  •  Sizes : 43″, 49″, 55″

Super-Slim hanging double-sided window displays, Sunlight readable displays for outdoor shop windows. Excellent value for money and unmatched technical support. Industrial standard LCD glass designed for use in any applications and can work at extreme temperature up to 70°.

digital signage window display
3000 cd/ m2 High Brightness

High contrast ratio and better viewing angles!

When the brightness is 3000nits even under direct sunlight, The screen still show us colorful videos clearly.

digital window display
Industrial Standard LCD Glass

Our screen would work perfect in sunlight directly!

Designed for use in any applications & this screen can run 24/7.

digital window display screens
Auto Brightness Control

Brightness would be auto adjust via ambient light!

Energy saving feature with integrated high sensitive sensor, It detects ambient level of light and adjust brightness of the screen automatically.

digital window signage
Build In CMS

Integrated Multiple CMS inside already!

Display important content on screen and keep your audiences connected and informed.

digital signage window display
Noiseless Design

It makes the operation noise less than 25dB at full load!

Noiseless design provides a quiet atmosphere which attracts audiences you can’t even imagine.

digital window display
Double Sided Screen Design

It’s a Double Sided Hanging Display!

One side with 3000nits and another side with 700nits.

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