Window Facing Display Series

The biggest problem for street stores is the flow conversion to make outdoor passersby become prospective customers. Use a display to run the attractive content is a good way for that!

Our window-facing display series product is developed for the window application of street stores.

  • Up to 5,000 nits brightness, direct sunlight readable.
  • Full size range from 32 to 86 inch to choose.
  • Different design and installation to choose.
  • Up to 4K perfect resolution.
  • Noise-less and Space efficiency design
  • Automatic brightness control from 500 to 5,000 nits.

Please explore our innovation high brightness window facing display products yourself as below.


Screenage is a digital signage company always works keeping in mind client’s benefits. There are a wide range of window facing display options available on screenage.comClients can also choose between indoor and outdoor Window facing displays. Window facing display, storefront LCD, shopping mall LCD and LED, high brightness LCD display, commercial LCD advertising, digital signage are widely utilized in our daily life.

Ultra High brightness digital window display is the biggest advantage for showcase, street stores, and clothing stores to attract potential customers through attractive ads and sale advertisement displayed on our window facing digital signage.

Outdoor LCD display and window facing commercial display provides outstanding visibility and excellent image & video quality. By using our windows digital signage you can maximize your business potential by delivering excellent content in any indoor or outdoor environment.

Window Advertising Screen

In the era of technology, everything is changing in the blink of an eye, and the mode of advertising also changing day by day. A few years ago people use to market their products by way of pasting their pamphlets on the main streets of the city so people can notice brands and products and shop and come to shop. In the present era, the technique of advertising is still the same but the mode is changing with technology and time. Old promotion pamphlets replaced by new-generation screens and  Screenage is helping the brand promote its product and services by way of window advertising screens.

Screenage brings you an updated way of advertising and useful features for market trends.  When people walk around the streets, displays capture their focus and window screens help to bring customers into the shop or outlets.

Benefits of Window Advertising Screen

  • Attract people and bring them to outlets.
  • Promotion of brands in a local market.
  • To get noticedin a rush or crowded place.
  • One step ahead of

As we all know, in the era of ‘cash back’ and two weeks ‘return policy’ e-commerce and door delivery websites capture all the market share of local vendors. Day by day it’s becoming very hard to retain and repeat customers in a store. In a time of cut-throat competition vendors and shop owners have to be very innovative and their promotion and marketing and screenage help local shop owners to advertise products and services through the window advertising screens.

Why Screenage

Screenage manufactures LCD and provides signage displays specially designed to attract customers. It includes customisation and expertise. It is a multinational company in the business of digital signage solutions which operates its business from China. The company is the market leader in digital signage and solutions across the globe. Screenage offers different types of services for entities like video walls, digital signage, outdoor interactive kiosk, presentation touch whiteboard, ultra-stretch screen etc.

For Whom is the Window advertising Screen helpful

  • Retail, outdoor and small vendors.
  • Food, beverage and transit.
  • Hospitality and other services.
  • Government-relatedschemes and promotion.
  • Automotive industry.

Window advertising screens are a way to communicate with customers in a short period of time it gives a targeted message to a customer to attract them to shop. This type of screen advertising shows fruitful results in the favor of local market vendors, small shop owners,  retail stores and those who can’t afford a heavy budget.

After the introduction of AI and tech-related start-ups, traditional business was losing their stake in the market and their promotional activities also getting older day by day. Now the time is changing and buyers are aware of where they want to be spent, and because of the online selling market, they can compare and also can check feedback for the quality of products or services easily. It takes a very short time to decide whether to buy something or not in that case the advertisement should be short and powerful. Screenage can help you to design and create digital window advertising screens which can bring your customer to your shop or store.