LCD Video Wall

As one of the leading supplier of DID-LCD video wall product in China, we have been insisting on the production of high quality video wall products more than 10 years.

We are using original DID-LCD video wall panels from Samsung, LG and BOE these three big brands only, also be based with our strict quality control that We can ensure all the video wall products made by us is very high quality!

Few key features of our video wall product:

  • Up to 4K resolution
  • PIP and POP support
  • DP loop
  • Daisy Chain
  • Full sizes to choose
  • LG, Samsung and BOE available
  • Multiple brackets support

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Best Price Video Wall

Best Price Video Wall

The Open Cell solution is developed, which helps up the expansion of small-scale companies in the LCD industry, An Open Cell is just a part of LCD panel without backlight.

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LG Panel Video Wall

LG Panel Video Wall

Our Video Walls Displays offer the ultimate in versatility. With a hassle free setup it is easy for our Video Wall Displays to tile the video signal automatically
thanks to their integrated video matrix processor.

Read More » has a huge selection of high-quality, sturdy, and efficient video wall displays for a variety of commercial applications. Video walls have recently received a lot of attention as this is trending in market, everyone is using video walls due to its promotional benefits. Video wall gives wide viewing angle and provides excellent video quality, transforming even the most unappealing items into something interesting. These fantastic LED/LCD wall screens are available at reasonable prices.

Explore the numerous video wall displays based on their designs, colors, sizes, and other characteristics here. These video wall display are also suitable for interior use and are WiFi and LAN compatible. Indoor LED panel display with surround sound systems handle all forms of 2K, 4K, and 8K video resolutions. The durable hardware components consisting of metal, aluminium, and hard plastic materials are one of the most essential qualities of these wall displays. These materials of LED/LCD wall display are proven to increase the longevity of most products while also being environmentally friendly. Furthermore, the panel’s small LED (light-emitting diodes) provide smooth visuals and support many formats like VGA, AVI, MOV, and MPEG-4. also provides customization of LED video wall products according to various needs and demands of clients.

Digital wall displays are comes under the wall mount LCD module series with high security toughened glass. Giant tablet styling designed as one giant tablet. The sleek and slim design look. This advertising display is made possible by a magnificent aluminium frame surround and gorgeous edge-to-edge tempered glass that is IPX1 rated. These advertising display has IPS panel with superior image quality and color depth at 178° ultra wide viewing angle in both landscape and portrait orientation.

Solutions for digital signage that are incredibly adaptable and interface with other technologies. We work hard to deliver a superior customer experience from beginning to end.

Digital wall screen are ideal for displaying all forms of media in commercial and public settings, such as interactive maps, menus, instructive infographics, short movies, animated posters, and more. Either a portrait or a landscape installation is possible for the digital wall panel. Due to its sturdy IP65 rated casing, these displays are shielded from all damp weather situations and airborne dust particles. Additionally, they have waterproof over-molded AV connections and a waterproof coating on all internal circuit boards.

Readable under direct sunlight, Thanks to their ultra-high brightness commercial grade panels. These screens are easily viewable even in strong sunshine because they are up to 10 times brighter than a typical home TV.

Digital Wall Display has Plug and Play that is the simplest method for adding content to the screen. Simply place pictures and videos on a USB drive, insert it into the screen, wait for your stuff to transfer, and then take it out. Now, your pictures and movies will play nonstop.

Customization is possible – If you need a non-standard solution, for example one that incorporates a camera or touch screen upgrade, bespoke displays can be made to order. Contact us for more details.

LCD video wall touchscreen.

A video wall touchscreen is a collection of a touch panel for input and a display for output. Typically, the touch panel is put on top of an information processing system’s electronic visual display. While the touchscreen system is typically employed in a laptop, tablet, or smartphone. A user can input data or control an information processing system by touching the screen with a single or several fingers, a special stylus, or both. While some video wall touchscreens may be operated with regular or glove-coated gloves, others might only function with a specific stylus or pen. The user can respond to what is presented and, if the program permits, alter how it is displayed using the touchscreen, such as zooming in to enlarge the text. An LCD video wall touchscreen is a sizable visual display made of many LCD displays, commonly referred to as “tiles.” These unique displays are very different from traditional television sets because they were created expressly for use in these applications.

The touch capability of a liquid crystal display video wall touch screen is provided by extra layers that are added on top of the display elements themselves. The two most popular methods for detecting user touch on a display are capacitive and resistive sensing. In capacitive sensing, a  transparent conductor, such as indium tin oxide, is put on an insulator, such as glass, to create a capacitive video wall touchscreen display. Touching the screen’s surface causes a distortion of the electrostatic field because the human body is also an electrical conductor. This distortion is detectable as a change in capacitance. In resistive sensing, the most crucial layers in a resistive video wall touchscreen panel are two transparent electrically resistive layers facing each other with a tiny space in between. The bottom surface of the top layer (the layer that is contacted) has a coating, and immediately below it is a comparable resistive layer on top of its substrate. Conductive connections run along the edges of one layer and along the top and bottom of the other. One layer receives a voltage, which the other senses. The two layers touch and become connected at that location when something presses down on the outer surface, such as a fingertip or pen tip.

In the past, rather than by display, chip, or motherboard makers, a wide range of after-market system integrators has made the touchscreen sensor and its corresponding controller-based firmware available. Manufacturers of displays and chips have started incorporating touchscreens into the core of their products after acknowledging the trend toward acceptance of video wall touchscreens as a user interface component. Displax Ultra Large Touchscreens are powering the largest video wall touchscreen in the world, which is currently operational. The Technological and Higher Education Institute of Hong Kong’s THEi campus has a video wall touchscreen installed. A 20m long video wall with 100 million pixels is created using 48 seamlessly tiled monitors, and it has a 1.8mm display bezel boundary. One of Displax’s trained integrators installed the touchscreen after it had been tailored by the company to meet the project.

As touchscreen technology becomes more widely used, its cost is routinely and almost entirely absorbed into the devices that employ it. Mobile phones, game consoles, machine control systems, appliances, and other handheld display devices all use touchscreen technology, which has proven to be dependable, and because of this, the video wall touchscreen is so advanced in the world. With the introduction of graphical video-wall screen hybrids, the ability to precisely point on the screen itself is also improving. Due to its excellent piezoelectric capabilities, polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) plays a significant role in this invention by enabling the display to sense pressure, making things like digital painting behave more like paper and pencil.

The ideal choice for tiled video wall touchscreen applications in control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centres, brand showrooms, broadcast studios, and large meeting rooms is Screenage’s professional-grade, narrow-bezel or bezel-less LCD displays. We provide 55″ LCD displays with LED backlights that offer exceptional tiled visual performance by combining high brightness, a broad colour gamut, and a remarkably small inter-tile gap. As for screenage, we have optimized each and every part. In terms of image quality, installation time, ease of maintenance, and dependability, the outcome represents a step forward. Correct calibration is crucial, especially for video walls. This isn’t just limited to one panel.

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