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video wall display


This is a special video wall custom made by The position for the video wall is not in horizontal or portrait, we customized this design according to our clients’ requirements.

It’s no secret retailers are losing ground to internet shopping every year. Retail clothing is suffering considerably more as a result of the ongoing pandemic and may face further consequences. Is physical retail on its way out? No, but just as technology has transformed the internet buying experience, it may also revive the physical shopping experience.

Shopping for household goods and daily essentials may be more convenient online, but shopping for fashion, cosmetics, and other luxury products that appeal to more than the visual sense is still a more satisfying experience in person. To get people away from their screens at home, retailers may need to implement solutions that allow them to create more distinct buying possibilities in-store.

What might be such a solution? Surprisingly, it involves a lot more screens, huge screens, and a lot of them.

Make your window displays more-lively. A multi-screen video wall can be used to produce a lively and energetic display. Intersperse fashion show footage with images of highlighted styles for fashion. If there is a sale going on, use a section of the wall to advertise it. Use a display as a virtual salesperson to communicate a product story. People are more likely to be interested in something if they understand how it is developed or made. When your store is closed, your window display can continue to tell a story and promote your items, creating interest and incentive for shoppers to return.

Large shopping malls can be difficult to navigate. A video wall is a step up from digital signage, allowing you to display dynamic maps and videos on a larger canvas.

Allow customers to control the material on your video wall display to attract an audience. Create a few advertising video and sound experiences that customers may choose from, and stores can educate, entertain, and increase sales.

Please feel free to contact us, if you need this kind of special demand. Our solution will beyond your expectation!