Three development trends of digital signage

Digital signage has been developed for many years, but due to various objective reasons, it has not yet been popularized on a large scale. However, in some government service establishments and high-end commercial establishments, digital signage has been widely adopted. This shows that digital signage Signage is moving forward along the logical route of commercial development, and it has not stopped, let alone its development. Based on years of experience in digital signage projects, we believe that the following three changes are initially expected in digital signage in the next three to five years:
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Development trend 1, response methods will be more diversified

As far as the interactive mode of digital signage is concerned, the response mode is relatively simple. Basically, it is operated by the touch screen. After clicking, the digital signage will make corresponding actions according to relevant instructions, such as issuing tickets and so on. However, people’s pursuit is endless, and more needs have not been met for the time being. At this time, new solutions are often needed to solve these pain points. Therefore, will there be new ways to respond in the future? , The answer is yes, such as voice interaction, voice interaction, and interconnection with mobile phones, etc., may be the specific form of future response methods.

Development trend 2, the full integration of reality and virtual

We are no longer unfamiliar with the terms augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), because over the years, the development of AR and VR has penetrated into all aspects of our lives, and they are not out of reach. Therefore, On the specific carrier of digital signage, if we can integrate these cutting-edge technical means, there may be unexpected results.

Development trend 3, intelligence will go further

At present, the digital signage that we see on the market is mostly in two states. One is the traditional advertising machine, which is relatively traditional and has survived for several years; the other is the evolved generation of products, which is The smart phones that we often see that can be controlled by touch, how smart are they? Most of their implementation stages still stay at the basic functions such as ticket issuance, ordering, and query, and do not involve relatively close to the true sense of intelligence. So what exactly is this intelligence we mentioned? Keep looking for breakthroughs from the more popular AI, such as human-computer interaction, don’t just have a few rigid and fixed instructions, because in this case, the effective recognition rate of digital signage for people’s demands is very low, and the content is not in the database. It can be said to be a book of heaven. This will cause people to become frustrated and unable to solve problems in the process of interacting with digital signage. They can’t even understand what I mean, let alone understand what I mean. It can be said that this mentality is extremely detrimental to the transformation of business. Therefore, we need to find a new solution. This solution needs to be realized through AI artificial intelligence technology. We look forward to this in the future, making digital signage more interesting and soulful.



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