The use of LCD advertising machines in different industries

Hospital LCD advertising machine With the help of network LCD advertising machine, medical institutions can broadcast medical, registration, hospitalization and other related information. In addition, the LCD advertising player system solution can also be used to allow doctors and patients to interact, provide map-oriented, entertainment information and other content services, not only can simplify the process of seeing a doctor, the LCD advertising player is also conducive to alleviating the anxiety of patients.
LCD advertising machine
Retail chain LCD advertising machines rely on the online version of LCD advertising machines to help users immediately release content information such as shopping guides, products and promotions. The rich display functions and bright colors of the LCD advertising machine can effectively enhance the shopping experience of consumers, while also helping users simplify the information release process, and ultimately improve the sales performance of users in the retail industry.

The hotel network LCD advertising machine can also display information in the public area of ​​the hotel, and can provide customers with hotel service information. For example: hotel map, room usage, cuisine recommendations, discount activities and other information content. In addition, when necessary, the online version of the LCD advertising machine can also develop relevant hotel operation support based on the hotel’s original system, such as hotel automatic check-in and account number services.

Metro LCD advertising machines, bus LCD advertising machines, airport LCD advertising machines, and station LCD advertising machines rely on the online version of the LCD advertising machines to allow users to update and release traffic information such as timetables in a timely manner. In addition, users can also create additional display functions, such as broadcasting sports, entertainment and other news programs, to provide entertainment for waiting passengers and pass the waiting time. In view of the huge flow of people at stations and airports, users can also broadcast various product advertisements to create economic benefits for businesses.

The school’s LCD advertising machine can use the network LCD advertising machine to play safety education promotional videos in various important activity areas in the school, teaching buildings, sports activities and other places to strengthen safety education and enhance safety awareness. In addition, it can also play music videos through the network board LCD advertising machine / News and important notices in the school, especially in universities, the online version of the LCD advertising machine is widely used and has become a new media in the school. Many businesses use LCD advertising machines for advertising.

Bank LCD advertising machine With the online version of the LCD advertising machine, financial institutions can better promote their brand image and business. Users use the LCD advertising machine system to broadcast financial information such as benchmark interest rates, display and introduce banking business and event notices to customers, broadcast unified corporate culture and image promotional videos, and so on.



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