The specific form of digital signage

Since the start of LCD advertising machines in 2002, the digital signage industry has been developing for more than ten years. What’s interesting is that with the development of the digital signage industry, the concept of digital signage is becoming more and more blurred. The industry has not yet been able to give a complete and authoritative definition of sports norms, and the development of the digital signage industry has begun to slow down. So what are the specific manifestations of digital signage?
The specific form of digital signage

1. Advertising machine series

As the ancestor of the introduction of digital signage, the position of advertising player in the field of digital signage is unshakable. From LCD advertising machine to network advertising machine; from indoor advertising machine to outdoor advertising machine; from pure broadcast advertising machine to interactive advertising machine. The development of advertising machines has been at a steady pace, and the development of China’s advertising machine industry has become more refined and refined. A company may specialize in the production of advertising machines at airports, subway stations, or bus stop sign advertising machines. However. Nine children and a mother, don’t forget, we all belong to a big family of advertising players! And the advertising machine series is the fundamental source of digital signage. However, due to the limitation of non-state-owned source technology, the development of raw material technology and quality in the advertising player industry has entered a bottleneck stage. Most advertising player manufacturers choose to temporarily put aside the source technology development of the advertising player, and move to content design instead.

2. Outdoor big screen

The indoor space is limited and the number of participants is limited. The outdoor world is vast and promising. A conspicuous screen may suddenly glimpse when passers-by keep passing by, and its purpose will be achieved. The effect will definitely make a big difference. As a result, outdoor large screens were born as needed. What followed was the innovation and revolution in display technology, which brought new vitality and life to the advertising player market. The vigorous battle for market development and quality war has begun.

However, the war ended in a very short time after all. Because most of the high-end display technology is not state-owned, and high-priced purchases and the popularity of the national advertising machine industry are too low, external prices are difficult to be accepted by ordinary companies and customers, leading our great outdoor advertising machine business into a bottleneck period. When the existing foreign technology is eaten up. The quality development of outdoor large screens has entered a bottleneck period again. However, as the king of outdoor media, the effect of outdoor large screens is still much better than ordinary TVs, mobile phones, and computers. Moreover, after breakthroughs in future technology development, outdoor large screens are no less inferior than holographic projection technology in projection and VR technology in virtual reality.

3. Interactive system development

However, the good virtues of heaven give those who seize the opportunity. The material war has come to an end. Started the solution-oriented function development, here is a few paragraphs for everyone.

1. Induction advertising machine

Using the Doppler principle and adopting advanced microwave and microprocessor technology, the human body microwave intelligent advertising machine can accurately detect moving objects. When the target enters the sensing range, the switch automatically determines whether the technical parameter setting value is met, and then automatically connects. As long as the target does not leave the sensing range, the switch will continue to be turned on. When the target object leaves, the switch will automatically turn off the load after a period of delay. The human body microwave intelligent induction advertising machine can adjust the microwave induction parameters according to the specific environment, the induction distance is adjustable: 2m~15m, the induction environment is adjustable: 3LUX~2000LUX, the induction delay time is adjustable: 0.5s~100s. The detection distance can reach 15 to 20 meters. The delay is 8 seconds to 12 seconds or 80 seconds to 100 seconds.

2. Alarm advertising player

The one-key alarm advertising machine can be connected to the 110 command center of the public security department. It uses a 180° or 360° high-resolution camera to implement 24-hour real-time monitoring; when an alarm occurs, there is no need to dial the alarm call, just touch the 110 alarm button to lock the alarm The location, time period, and the real situation of the crime scene, and the intelligent voice can directly talk to the 110 command center. After receiving the police, the 110 command center will promptly dispatch surrounding police to deal with the sudden on-site case. In addition to the 110 criminal alarm, the all-in-one quotation advertising machine also reserves the interface with the 119 fire alarm and the 120 emergency connection.

3. Touch all-in-one

Touch all-in-one machine is also called touch-inquiry all-in-one, which is a perfect combination of touch screen, LCD screen, industrial PC unit (host) and all-in-one shell, and finally touch operation can be realized through a power cord. Users can directly touch the display screen with their fingers or other objects to query the information or information of the machine. If the machine is connected to the Internet, it can also query any public information or data on the Internet. The main function of the touch inquiry kiosk is touch inquiry. However, it has many additional practical functions: TV function, computer function, karaoke function, telephone function, video game function, meeting function, whiteboard function, projector function, shopping guide function, monitoring function, picture-in-picture function, etc.

4. WeChat advertising machine

WeChat advertising machine is actually a WeChat printing advertising machine. Its selling point is first of all to attract consumers to scan the QR code of the enterprise to pay attention to, and then they can print one or more photos for free. The information publishing function is the basic function of the WeChat printing advertising machine. In addition, it can also establish an APP mobile mall, so that customers or consumers can scan the APP embedded in the all-in-one machine, and the company’s mobile mall can easily check into the customer’s mobile phone. In this way, the distance between customers and merchants is shortened, and the stickiness between customers and merchants is increased. The stability and increase of business can be easily guaranteed.

5. 3D dressing mirror

The 3D fitting mirror or 3D fitting room is a new fitting technology that has emerged in recent years. Through the touch screen or aerial motion control, clothes or costumes can be “worn” on the model or “self”, thereby Customers save a lot of time, and at the same time have a shopping experience of quick fitting. The 3D fitting mirror or 3D fitting room is also a professional clothing online sales platform. Through the dynamic 3D fitting function, it creates a platform that integrates shopping, entertainment and experience.

The abilities of the ancient civilization of five thousand years are still quite strong, and the development of interactive functions can be said to be colorful, which makes people feel the pulse of science and technology.

4, electronic label

This should be a relatively advanced technology. Although it is the smallest of the digital signage brothers, its development is very overbearing. Due to its small size, various display materials can give full play to its effect. Various technologies of flexible display and folding display have been fully applied. As the saying goes, “What is concentrated is the essence.” Now the widespread application of electronic tags in the field of digital signage lies in product introduction. Especially in mobile phone stores and other places there are more.

5, LCD interactive whiteboard

The main application and direction of electronic whiteboard is in the education industry and conference rooms, for real-time display and broadcast control of data. Members of this family are now popular in streaming media and online broadcast control trends. When the content of the terminal server is updated, it can be directly transmitted to the display device through the network for real-time content update. Let any viewer be able to see the latest developments at any time.

6, self-service equipment

This can be said to be the more advanced mainstream development direction nowadays. Nowadays, self-service vending machines and self-service counters in the financial industry are better developed. Also, the familiar POS. In the future, digital signage has been widely used. Simple data statistics, sales, withdrawals and other functions that do not require human brain thinking can all be realized by him.



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