The difference between the projector’s LCD and DLP seamless splicing screen projection

When consumers choose a projector, they usually encounter two keywords, LCD and DLP. What are the LCD and DLP seamless splicing screen projection technologies of the projector and what are the differences? Please see below.

With the development of science and technology, projection technology has gradually entered the era of digital technology from LCD technology. Nowadays, the application of projectors has spread to all walks of life and came into being. There are also various brands in the technology market. For users who want to choose products, there is only one old saying: choose only the right ones, not the ones Dear.
What are the LCD and DLP seamless splicing screen projection technologies of the projector?
Here, I only use my personal understanding of the two major technologies of the projector to make some comments on the adaptation direction of the two types of technical products, so as to facilitate the majority of users to consider when choosing products.

Liquid crystal technology is famous for its bright colors, lifelike images, high number of colors, and rich image levels. Suitable for multimedia, film and television, advertising and other industries. The disadvantage is that the light source loss is large, and the background color of the screen cannot achieve a pure white effect; after long-term use, the LCD panel is easy to age, the color is easy to attenuate, the imaging unit is larger, and the heat dissipation requirements are high. Therefore, the appearance of the LCD technology projector is general The volume is large and cannot meet the requirements of portability.

Digital technology, with clear fonts, sharp characters, high contrast, better picture layering, and high-quality processing effects on high-speed pictures are its characteristics. The shortcomings in the past are: the color is not gorgeous enough, and the virtual fineness is relatively single. V5 is a micro projector that uses DLP technology. Its color reproduction is the best among micro projectors, and it is very popular in China.

It is understandable that the replacement of LCD technology by DLP seamless splicing screen technology is the general trend of technological innovation. The two series of products do not need to be compared due to different technologies, customers only need to choose according to their own circumstances!



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