The development of LCD touch Screen

With the increase of information inquiries from multiple TV stations, many people are talking about LCD touch all-in-one. As a newest PC input device, it is the simplest, convenient, natural and suitable for China’s multiple TV stations. The input equipment for querying national conditions has many advantages such as sturdiness and durability, fast response speed, space saving, and easy communication.
LCD touch Screen
In order to facilitate the operation, many people use LCD touch all-in-one computers to replace the mouse or keyboard. When working, we must first touch the screen installed in the front of the display with our fingers or other objects, and then the system locates and selects information input according to the icons or menu units touched by the fingers. The liquid crystal touch all-in-one machine is composed of a touch detection component and a controller; the touch detection component is installed in front of the display screen to detect the user’s touch position and take over and send the controller; and the primary function of the controller is to absorb the touch point detection assembly Touch the information and convert it into contact coordinates, and then send it to the CPU. It can also absorb the commands sent by the CPU and execute them.

The touchpad uses pressure-sensitive capacitive touch technology, with the largest screen area. It consists of three parts: the bottom layer is the middle sensor, which is used to monitor whether the touchpad is High plastic material composition.

The growth of LCD touch all-in-one technology shows the growth trend of specialization, multi-TV station, three-dimensional and large screen. With the rapid development of the information society, many people need to obtain a large amount of mass information. The mass information transmission system with LCD touch all-in-one technology as the interactive window adopts advanced computer skills. Using text, images, music, commentary, cartoons, videos, etc., to introduce various information to many people in an indecent and vivid manner, which brings great convenience to many people. It can be predicted that with the rapid completion of the LCD touch all-in-one technology, its application fields will become wider and wider, and its functions will become better and better.



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