The Best Bar-Type Displays for Exceptional Results

Visual displays play a crucial role in leaving a lasting impact on customers. In this digital age, businesses need powerful tools to captivate their audience and create memorable experiences. One such tool that has gained popularity is bar-type displays. With their unique features and versatility, they offer an innovative solution for businesses to showcase their products, services, and messages.

Bar-Type Displays in Cosmetics store

Understanding Bar-Type Displays

Bar-type displays, also known as ultra-wide displays or stretched displays, are screens with an elongated aspect ratio that goes beyond the typical 16:9 ratio. These displays are specifically designed to create visually stunning content and immersive experiences. Unlike traditional displays, bar-type displays offer a panoramic view that captures attention and engages viewers. Their elongated shape makes them ideal for various applications, such as digital signage, advertising, and entertainment.

The advantages of using bar-type displays over traditional displays are manifold. Firstly, their unique aspect ratio allows businesses to showcase content in a visually appealing manner, avoiding the common rectangular format. This can help businesses stand out from their competitors and leave a lasting impression on customers. Additionally, they offer a wider viewing angle, ensuring that the content remains clear and vibrant even when viewed from the side. Moreover, these displays enable businesses to utilize space more efficiently by fitting into narrow or unconventional areas while maintaining high visibility.

Key Features of Screenage’s Bar-Type Displays

Screenage is a leading provider known for delivering exceptional quality and performance. Their bar-type displays boast a range of features that set them apart from the competition.

Firstly, Screenage’s bar-type displays offer high resolution and picture quality, ensuring sharp and vivid visuals. With their advanced display technologies, these screens can accurately reproduce colors, resulting in stunning imagery. The wide aspect ratio further enhances the viewing experience, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in captivating content.

In terms of design, Screenage’s bar-type displays are ultra-thin and sleek, making them aesthetically pleasing and easy to integrate into any environment. Their slim profile adds a touch of elegance to any setting, while their high-quality materials ensure durability and longevity.

Energy efficiency is another notable feature of Screenage’s bar-type displays. These displays are designed to minimize power consumption without compromising on performance. This not only reduces operating costs but also contributes to environmental sustainability, aligning with the growing demand for energy-efficient solutions.

Furthermore, Screenage’s bar-type displays offer customization options to cater to diverse business needs. Businesses can choose from various sizes, resolutions, and connectivity options to tailor the display to their specific requirements. This flexibility enables businesses to effectively communicate their message and maximize the impact of their visual content.


Bar-type displays find application in a wide range of industries, revolutionizing the way businesses engage with their customers.

In retail settings, they are instrumental in enhancing customer engagement. By utilizing these displays for product showcases, promotions, and interactive experiences, retailers can captivate shoppers and create a unique shopping atmosphere. The elongated shape of bar-type displays allows for eye-catching visuals that draw attention and increase brand awareness.

Restaurants and the hospitality industry also benefit from bar-type displays. These displays are ideal for digital menu boards and dynamic pricing, enabling restaurants to easily update menus, showcase mouthwatering visuals, and provide real-time information to customers. In hotel lobbies, bar-type displays can serve as interactive wayfinding tools, providing guests with detailed information about the hotel facilities, local attractions, and events, thereby enhancing their overall experience.

Transportation hubs such as airports and train stations rely on bar-type displays for digital signage and communication purposes. Displaying crucial information such as flight schedules, gate changes, and announcements becomes more efficient and visually appealing. The wide aspect ratio allows for effective utilization of space and ensures that the information reaches passengers even in crowded areas. Additionally, these displays offer opportunities for targeted advertising, generating revenue for transportation hubs while offering brands a highly visible platform to connect with the traveling audience.

Finally, entertainment venues like theaters, concert halls, amusement parks, and museums leverage bar-type displays to create immersive experiences for their visitors. Video walls powered by bar-type displays enhance stage performances and live events, providing stunning visuals that complement the artistic expression. In amusement parks and museums, interactive displays entertain and educate visitors, enriching their experience and leaving a lasting impression.

bar-type displays in museum

Best Bar-Type Displays for Retail Environments

When it comes to retail environments, Screenage offers two standout display models that are guaranteed to make an impact.

Display model 1: Spotlighting products and promotions

This display model is designed to highlight products and promotions in an enticing manner. Its elongated shape and high resolution captivate shoppers’ attention, ensuring that the showcased items remain in focus. With its exceptional brightness and contrast, this display delivers stunning visuals that truly bring the products to life. Several success stories and case studies demonstrate the effectiveness of this display model in increasing sales and customer engagement.

Display model 2: Interactive product catalogs and virtual tours

This display model takes retail experiences to the next level by enabling interactive product exploration and virtual tours. Customers can navigate through detailed catalogs, view product information, and even visualize how products will fit into their own spaces. This immersive experience creates a strong connection between the customer and the brand, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and a higher likelihood of purchase. Real-life examples and the impressive results achieved further solidify the value of this display model.

Transforming Hospitality Industry

Screenage’s bar-type displays offer innovative solutions for the hospitality industry, revolutionizing the way hotels interact with guests.

Display model 1: Digital menu boards and dynamic pricing

The use of bar-type displays as digital menu boards allows hotels to modernize their dining experience. Crystal-clear visuals and easy-to-update menus enhance menu visibility and provide guests with enticing options. Furthermore, dynamic pricing can be implemented, enabling hotels to adapt prices in real-time based on demand, special events, or seasonal factors. The positive impact on customer experience and increased sales are evident, as guests appreciate the visually appealing menus and have access to accurate information on pricing and availability.

Display model 2: Interactive hotel lobby displays and wayfinding

Bar-type displays in hotel lobbies serve a dual purpose of brand enhancement and guest convenience. These interactive displays provide guests with intuitive wayfinding tools, ensuring they can easily navigate the hotel premises, find amenities, and access important information. By streamlining interactions and reducing reliance on staff, hotels can enhance their branding, improve guest satisfaction, and create a more efficient operational environment. Testimonials from hotels that have implemented bar-type displays highlight the positive impact on guest experience and the overall success of these displays.

Transportation Hubs

In transportation hubs like airports and train stations, bar-type displays play a critical role in communication, passenger guidance, and revenue generation.

Display model 1: Digital information boards and announcements

The implementation of bar-type displays as digital information boards significantly improves communication and the overall passenger experience. These displays allow for clear and concise display of vital information such as flight schedules, gate changes, and emergency announcements. Passengers can easily access the information from various angles, ensuring a seamless flow of information throughout the terminal. Case studies from airports and train stations demonstrate the positive impact of them in enhancing communication and improving passenger experience.

Display model 2: Advertising and revenue generation

Bar-type displays in transportation hubs offer a unique opportunity for targeted advertising, benefiting both brands and the transportation hub. Advertisements can be strategically placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring maximum visibility and engagement from the audience. This creates revenue-generating opportunities for the transportation hub while providing brands with a platform to reach a captive audience. The increased revenue and return on investment make bar-type displays an appealing choice for transportation hubs seeking innovative advertising solutions.

Creating Immersive Experiences with Bar-Type Displays in Entertainment Venues

Entertainment venues can leverage bar-type displays to create unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

Display model 1: Video walls and stunning visual displays

Bar-type displays power immersive video walls that bring stage performances and live events to life. With their exceptional aspect ratio and high resolution, these displays provide a panoramic view that engulfs the audience in visuals that complement the live performance. Notable examples of successful implementations showcase the transformative effect of video walls on audience engagement and the overall impact of the entertainment experience.

Display model 2: Interactive displays for amusement parks and museums

Bar-type displays offer interactive capabilities that can be utilized in amusement parks and museums, providing engaging content and educational experiences for visitors. Touch-enabled displays allow users to interact with exhibits, play games, and explore rich multimedia content. These interactive displays not only entertain visitors but also offer valuable educational content, enhancing the overall experience and leaving a lasting impression. Feedback and visitor satisfaction data demonstrate a positive response to these interactive displays.


Bar-type displays have emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses aiming to make a lasting impact. Screenage’s bar-type displays stand out in the market, offering exceptional picture quality, wide aspect ratios, sleek design, energy efficiency, and customization options. The applications span various industries, from retail environments to hospitality, transportation hubs, and entertainment venues. By utilizing these displays, businesses can enhance customer engagement, improve communication, increase revenue, and create immersive experiences. Screenage’s bar-type displays are a testament to their commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for businesses seeking exceptional results. Businesses are encouraged to explore the potential and unlock new possibilities for captivating visual experiences. With Screenage‘s advanced technology and expertise, the future of visual displays is set to be truly exceptional.



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