Slim Outdoor Digital Totem

Outdoor advertising player digital signage Waterproof & Lightning protection LCD display screen kiosk.
  •  Model: No.622 With Fan
  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″

Slim Outdoor Digital Totem, Makes sure your message is presented in the best light. We offer the perfect end-to-end solution for all needs. Using our Slim Outdoor Digital Totem you can tell your idea and about offers, marketing ads in a better way. Display more videos promotion, videos attract more attention and tell stories, convey emotions and explain details.

Slim Outdoor Digital Totem
Weather Proofing

Place It Anywhere!

All weather proofing totally designed for Outdoor purpose.

outdoor screens
High Brightness Screen

Super Clarity in Direct Sunlight!

The screen would get up to 3000 nits as 5 times more than a normal display.

outdoor signage
Lifting Bolt

Easy to Hang!

In the consideration of safety and carry on issue, we put two strong lifting bolt on the top of the kiosk to avoid these issues.

Slim Outdoor Digital Totem
Security Lock

Double Locks With Unique Keys!

Double locks with special and unique keys for public safety, Ensure people can’t open that unless they have the right key.

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Loud Speaker

10 Watt Loudspeaker!

Two 8 ohm 10 watt for outdoor purpose loudspeaker on both sides, Ensures passengers could hear what you want them to hear.

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Smart Brightness Control

The brightness would be auto-adjusted via Ambient Light Sensor!

The ambient light sensor will adjust the screen brightness based on the displays surrounding light levels.

Slim Outdoor Digital Totem
Cooling System

Integrated Temperature Control!

The internal air-conditioning system allows the screen to be in constant use in an outdoor environment, Internal fans keeps the panel and other internal components at optimum working temperature, ensuring a long and reliable life for your display.

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