Slim Advertising Digital Totem

Designed for use in commercial applications this screen can run 24/7.
  •  Model: No.522-OC
  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″

Slim Advertising Digital Totem, an innovative and eye-catching digital signage solution designed to captivate audiences and maximize advertising impact. With its sleek and slim design, this totem is perfect for displaying dynamic content and advertisements in various indoor locations.

The Totem’s slim design is not only visually appealing but also space-saving, making it suitable for retail stores, shopping malls, corporate offices, and hospitality venues. Its sturdy construction ensures reliable performance, even in high-traffic environments.

Screen protector

Tempered Glass Protection!

High light transmittance tempered glass in front of the screen as protection, safety your digital signage player anywhere.

Interactive Advertising Kiosks
High Brightness

Brightness Can Up to 500nits

3 times brighter than normal TV, is your best advertising tool.

24/7 operation

Commercial Grade!

Designed for use in commercial aplications this screen can run 24/7. All connectors have been locked to avoid tampering.

Easy to use

Segmented Lock Screw!

Using segmented locking screws, you only need to lock the screws on the back of the machine to ensure the stability of the machine and greatly improve the practicability of the machine.

Cloud Based CMS Upgrade

Upgrade CMS at Any Time!

Player could be upgrade to network CMS, you can manage the player any time in any place with internet.

We offer free-standing and personalized digital signage totems specially designed for your business. Open cell is the new technology for the digital signage industry, LCD cell would be stall on the shell directly, so the thickness of the kiosk would reduce to the level of ultimate slim.

Free-standing Slim Digital Advertising Display Totem, An independent digital advertising display totem that is so slim that looks like a wonderful attractive digital signage. A full-featured All-In-One solution with a media player included. Just use a USB stick to upload your media (plug and play). Displaying your every content never been so much better and easier, our solution for digital signage that is quick and simple.

Our Slim Digital Advertising Display has commercial-grade panels that are used in the displays, which offer wide viewing angles, vibrant colors, high contrast and brightness levels, as well as the capacity to operate around-the-clock. You might well be sure that the unit is environmentally friendly and has minimal operating expenses thanks to an eco-friendly on/off timer and a low power consumption LED lighting.

A straightforward and user-friendly piece of software that comes with each display enables you to arrange a choice of entertainment to play at various times throughout the day. These totem signs are ideal for exhibitions, conferences, hotels, and sporting events since they include casters that make it simple to transfer them from one position to another.

You can quickly and easily set up eye-catching digital signage with this simplified display solution, which comes with everything you need.

Slim Advertising Digital Totem comes with tempered glass protection that is high light transmittance tempered glass in front of the screen as protection, safety for your digital signage player everywhere. Also with Plug and Play and Cloud Based CMS Upgrade, The player could be upgrade to network CMS, you can manage the player any time in any place with internet.

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