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Digital signage is an electronic sign used to convey information to in-store audiences and customers. It uses an LCD educate, engage, and inform nearby viewers. There are a wide range of window facing display options available on, Ultra High brightness digital window display is the biggest advantage for showcase, street stores, and clothing stores to attract potential customers through attractive ads and sale advertisement displayed on our window facing digital signage.

We also provide Digital signage with Interactive touch panel as a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes. We have the best video wall options to pick, Video walls have recently received a lot of attention as this is trending in market, and everyone is using video walls due to its promotional benefits. Video wall gives wide viewing angle and provides excellent video quality, transforming even the most unappealing items into something interesting.

Our outdoor series is enormous, brilliant, and made for an impact. Screenage outdoor signages are specially designed in such a way keeping every weather into consideration with features like best quality protective glass and you could display your advertisement in every changing season for example summer, winter and rainy season.

Screenage has the best and wide range of electronic signage, window facing display, Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Display, Touch White Board, Narrow Bezel Monitor, LCD Video Wall, Ultra Wide Stretched Bar Display, and Outdoor Digital Signage Series.

As a professional manufacturer for digital signage product, we are not only can provide our standard design of digital signage from 10.1 inch to 96 inch, but also we can provide customization service for both software and hardware which would works as a full solution.

Window Facing Display Series

Digital Signage

Outdoor Series

Stretched Displays

LCD Video Wall

Best Price Video Wall

Best Price Video Wall

The Open Cell solution is developed, which helps up the expansion of small-scale companies in the LCD industry, An Open Cell is just a part of LCD panel without backlight.

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Touch White Board

Narrow Bezel Monitor

Screenage Narrow Bezel Monitor

CCTV Security Monitor

The bezel of 8mm only and the brightness is 500nits. More than that is the color is more than normal display, because we are using Q-LED technology for the display

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Embedded Touch Screen

Embedded Touch Display

Embedded touch digital signage provides a more intuitive, three-dimensional, interactive way of displaying information, and has the advantages of high space utilization, automated management, and rich functionality. It is an ideal choice for advertising, promotion, navigation, and other scenarios.

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Curved Display

Curved Touch Display

Curved Touch Display

Curved Display by Screenage not only enhances the gaming experience for players but also brings added benefits for gaming establishments. The sleek and modern design

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