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Portrait Combination Video Wall

Portrait Combination Video Wall

A digital signage video wall allows you to display large, eye-catching content by combining multiple displays.

Video walls are now found in a variety of places, ranging from sports bars and nightclubs to retail spaces and arenas—and even high-end apartments. These video walls usually have a common design that consists of identical-sized screens arranged in a grid pattern to display 100% of the video content area.

For a more dramatic and eye-catching effect, Here we are having 4 pcs 46 inch LG bar display, this is for the fashion store. As you can see the video there are four different video showing on the display and each display running individually, but the whole content would combine to make a big single video. It’s a single content video playing into four portrait synchronized display.

Usually client used to cut the video by themselves into desired combination but Our Cloud Based Software do it by itself. Screenage CMS software adjusts the content by itself no matter how many display screens we use it. It’s an advance and powerful software.

To watch and understand the full concept of our Cloud Based CMS software please watch our official video:

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