Outdoor Series

Our outdoor series is enormous, brilliant, and made for an impact. Being digital, they allow for targeted message delivery at the right location and right place, reaching mobile consumers during their weekly schedules and lifestyle behavior.

Outdoor Screens are cost-effective, reliable, and offer a high return on your investment. Screenage outdoor signages are specially designed in such a way keeping every weather into consideration with features like best quality protective glass and you could display your advertisement in every changing season for example summer, winter and rainy season. Our outdoor displays are weather-resistant, perfectly sealed so water can’t reach the inner circuits, and are secured against dust thereby providing the audience with the perfect visual image.

Screenage’s outdoor digital signage is the perfect way to put your business’ name inside the mind of potential consumers. In this way, in the event that you need an outdoor screen display for your business then Screenage will provide you with the best displays which are bright and power-efficient with an ideal sunshine visible picture.


Outdoor digital signage is significant because it can raise a company’s, brands, products, services, or event’s visibility. Going digital with your outdoor signage’s means investing in a reliable digital signage software.

Transform the way you share information with others. Display important content on screens. Screenage’s Outdoor Digital Signage solutions are trusted by leading brands.  Best Digital Signage Displays for indoor and outdoor use, Increase sales and grow your business with an attractive digital display screen.

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The Outdoor Digital Screen is a versatile digital display that can be used to project any image you want. This screen is easy to install and transport, and it comes with a protective bag so you can take it anywhere.

Outdoor digital screens are an excellent way to introduce new visitors to your business and help them make the most of their experience. The best outdoor digital screens are flexible, durable, and affordable which you found on www.screenage.com.

Outdoor digital screens are simple to set up and use. They connect to any video source, such as a computer or DVD player, using a cable or wirelessly via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Once installed, they display whatever you want on the screen – images, logos, text messages, or videos – in high definition.

An outdoor digital screen is a large screen that displays content in the form of images, text, and video.

Outdoor digital screens are made up of several components that include:

  1. Digital display module- this module is the main part of an outdoor digital screen and contains all the electronics necessary for displaying images and text on the screen.
  2. Power supply- this module powers up the display module when it is plugged into an electrical source. It also provides power for all other components needed for the installation such as lighting and speakers.
  3. Remote control unit- this unit controls everything from turning on an outdoor digital screen to adjusting its brightness level or changing between different languages on a touchscreen display.

Some advantages of Outdoor digital screens

Outdoor digital screens are a great way to make your business more visible at all times of the day, but they also have other advantages.

Some of the main advantages of outdoor digital screens:

  1. They can be used in many places
  2. They are quite easy to install and maintenance cost is also very low
  3. They can be programmed with different messages at different times of the day and week, so you can promote your business at specific times and on certain days of the week
  4. They can be controlled via an app on your phone or computer
  5. They can be turned off during bad weather

Types of Outdoor digital screens

Outdoor digital screens come in different sizes and shapes at www.screenage.com depending on their purpose. The most common types of outdoor digital screens are:

  1. Tilt-out screens

These are the most common type of outdoor screens because they can be easily installed on both vertical and horizontal surfaces without any need for scaffolding. This means that it’s very easy to install them in places like shopping malls, stadiums, or even inside houses.

  1. Fixed screens

These can also be installed indoors or outdoors but they don’t fold down as tilt-out screens do. They must be fixed to an existing structure such as a wall or fence so you’ll need some engineering skills to attach them properly.

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