Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display

Introducing our Outdoor Advertising Player, an Open Frame Digital Signage solution featuring a Waterproof & Lightning Protection LCD Display Screen.
  •  Model: No.688
  •  Sizes: 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″

Featuring a sleek and sturdy design, our Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display is the perfect solution for external environments with complex installation requirements. Its slim profile allows for easy installation, tailored to meet our customers’ specific needs. Additionally, our upgraded brightness technology ensures that the display captivates customers even in direct sunlight, commanding attention with vibrant visuals.

With its sleek design and customizable display options, the Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display is perfect for retail, hospitality, transportation, healthcare, corporate, and educational environments. Enhance customer experiences, streamline information sharing, and engage audiences with dynamic content and interactive features. With No.688, you have the power to deliver targeted messages and create immersive displays that leave a lasting impression.

Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display
Weather Proofing High Brightness

Outstanding Visible High Brightness!

The screen would get up to 3,000 nits making the screen readable even under strong sunlight.

Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display
Reliability For Outdoor Usage

Secured Protection with IP66 Design!

The display is equipped with an IP66 design, ensuring reliable operation. It is designed to be both waterproof and weatherproof, effectively protecting against the detrimental effects of sunlight, rain, snow, dust, and wind. This makes it an essential feature for outdoor applications.

Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display
Slim & Robust Design

Easy integration for partner’s customized design!

It can be easily customized to meet various customer needs and settings. Whether it’s for outdoor menu boards or kiosks, it is designed to be mountable and optimized based on the industry purpose and usage requirements of our customers.

Industrial Glass

Higher Security Toughened Glass!

Capable of withstanding Operating Environment Temperature up to 50°C.

7Outdoor Open Frame High brightness Display-7
Smart Brightness Control

The brightness would be auto-adjusted via Ambient Light Sensor!

The ambient light sensor will adjust the screen brightness based on the displays surrounding light levels.

IPS panel

Deliver visually stunning displays!

IPS panels provide wider viewing angles, allowing the content to be viewed clearly from various positions and angles without compromising color accuracy or image quality.

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