Networked digital signage self-service terminal

Networked digital signage can not only upload content through the network, but also centrally control the equipment through the network. This not only solves the problem of content flexibility, but also allows users to independently update the playback content at any time, improve the quality of digital signage content, and bring many benefits to merchants or enterprises from a long-term perspective.

First of all, from the appearance. The types of digital signage display terminals are very diverse. In addition to general products with large screens and high-definition features, there are special products such as special-shaped splicing, transparent display, and naked eye 3D to meet the creative application needs of specific users and maximize advertising. The main advertising information can be noticed by the target group. This is a major prerequisite for ensuring the efficiency of transmission.

networked digital signage

Digital signage display terminal-self-service terminal display-digital signage display
Secondly, in terms of content, networked digital signage self-service terminals can achieve online real-time updates, which gives advertisers absolute control over advertising content, and can push advertising information regularly and at fixed points according to the behavioral habits of target audiences. Enhance the accuracy of advertising. At the same time, advertisers can also carry out flexible packaging of advertising based on current affairs hotspots, breaking the rigidity of traditional advertising pushes, and avoiding audience resentment and affecting corporate brands.

In the course of business operations, specialized marketing strategies are indispensable. However, a study found that only 20% of traditional marketing campaigns can impress consumers. This also means that under the new situation, it is already necessary to use new technical means to improve the efficiency of their own marketing strategies. Digital signage (advertising machine), an emerging information dissemination platform, can provide business operators with a brand-new marketing model. It is still in the marketing strategy to “remove the old and bring forth the new” to improve the efficiency of marketing and publicity, thereby reducing the nature of the company. Marketing investment, reduce operating costs, make it more proactive in the fierce market competition.

advertising machine

Digital signage display terminal-self-service terminal display-digital signage display
Digital signage industry application helps the development of self-service terminal display

As we all know, as a representative of high-brightness and large-size displays, self-service terminal displays almost have the status of the king of outdoor displays. They are usually defined as large-size display products installed on the outer walls of buildings and on the top of columns. However, the development of technology and market requires that LED screens must adapt to the new needs of diversified applications. Among them, the application of the digital signage industry is an application field that cannot be ignored.

According to the authoritative research organization HIS, the global digital signage market revenue will exceed 15.1 billion U.S. dollars, an increase of 6% over the previous year. Among them, the digital signage display, which accounts for the largest share, will achieve more than 6 billion U.S. dollars in revenue by 2021, creating a good development opportunity for the commercial display industry.
LED display screens
As the main carrier of outdoor media, LED display screens currently account for more than 60% of the display market share, and its diversified application direction has gradually become a breakthrough for LED companies. The digital signage industry dominated by liquid crystal displays in the past has also embraced LED screens. LED display screens are increasingly used in shop windows, subway stations, and chain restaurants.

Compared with other display technologies, self-service terminal displays, as a self-luminous technology product, have inherent advantages such as high brightness, low power consumption, long life, and brilliant colors. Compared with liquid crystal displays, it is also easier to implement in terms of super-large size and special-shaped display, which can fully meet the needs of complex display applications under the refinement of the application field.

The innovative development of the digital signage industry and the improvement of display requirements have achieved a high degree of overlap with the diversified development direction of the display application field. With the rapid development of the global digital signage industry, the LED display industry will also benefit from it.

Digital signage

Digital signage display terminal-self-service terminal display-digital signage display
The application of digital signage helps the marketing model to improve efficiency

With the continuous maturity of technology and the continuous improvement of market awareness, the application of digital signage (advertising machine) has become more and more flexible, and both the application place and the application form are showing a diversified trend. However, for now, when it comes to the core application value, it is still at the marketing level, which is exactly the original intention of most end users to build a digital signage system. In fact, the application of digital signage has indeed enabled innovation in marketing models and improved efficiency.

The form of expression is novel, fully catering to the digital trend of today’s society

In today’s society, social media and digitization are rapidly rising, mobile applications and Internet demand are increasing, and digitized information has become the main way for people to obtain information. Under such a big social background, the era of static advertising is gone. Digital dynamic advertising is the kingly way. Digital signage with the characteristics of networking, real-time, and diversified display forms is undoubtedly an outstanding representative. .

Compared with marketing methods such as TV advertisements and magazine advertisements, digital signage is undoubtedly more flexible, whether it is from the installation site (which can be widely installed in shopping malls, stations, streetside and other densely populated places), or from the information dissemination mode (It can have multiple forms such as videos, pictures, texts, and can be integrated with social media to increase interactive elements to maximize the scope of communication). This unique flexibility makes it more suitable for the fragmented information dissemination of the information society model.

Full of creativity, it can better meet the needs of modern marketing

In actual operation, the main purpose of marketing promotion is to guide consumers to make impulsive consumption and ultimately achieve performance improvement. However, today with highly developed information, the frenzied bombardment of various marketing information has made consumer consumption tend to Reason, therefore, for advertisers, in order to achieve the intended effect, they must be “ingenious”, and creativity is a prominent advantage of digital signage.



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