LCD touch screen cannot work, touch no response how to deal with

[Fault Phenomenon]

One LCD touch screen doesn’t work, and there is no response when touching any part.


[Fault Analysis and Treatment]

First check whether the connection interface is loose, and then check whether there is conflict between serial ports and interrupt number. If there is conflict, adjust resources to avoid conflict. Then check whether there are cracks on the surface of the touch screen. If there are cracks, replace them in time, Also need to check whether there is dirt on the touch screen surface, if there is, use a soft cloth to remove it. Observe and check whether the indicator light on the control box works normally. When it works normally, the indicator light is green and flashes.


If the above parts are normal, the touch screen can be checked by replacement method, first replace the control box, then replace the touch screen, and finally replace the host.


If it is a resistive touch screen, it can be overhauled as follows:

1)Check whether the connection of the touch screen is right, and whether one of the connections (taking 5V touch screen working voltage from the keyboard port) is connected. Please check the connection.

2)Observe the light condition of the touch screen control box. If it doesn’t light up or the red light is on, the control box is broken. Please replace it.

3)If not, please delete the touch screen driver and restart the computer, re-install the driver, or replace the driver with a newer version.

4)If there is any conflict between the host and the serial port resources, check and adjust the hardware devices. For example, the default IRQ of some network cards after installation is 3, which conflicts with the IRQ of com2. At this time, the IRQ of the network card should be changed to the idle and unused IRQ. It may be that the computer motherboard and the touch screen control box are not compatible, please replace the host or motherboard.

5)If the touch screen has been used for a long time (3-4 years) and some areas of the touch screen cannot be touched, it may be that the touch screen is broken. Please replace the touch screen.


If it is a capacitive touch screen, it can be overhauled as follows:

LCD touch screen response time is very long.


[Fault Phenomenon]

It takes a long time for a touch screen to react after touching the display screen with fingers.


[Fault Analysis and Treatment]

It may be that there are moving water drops on the touch screen, which can be wiped with a dry soft cloth. It is also possible that the level of the host is too low, such as the clock frequency is too low. In this case, it is best to replace the host.


LCD touch screen local, no response.

[Fault Phenomenon]

A touch screen, after touching the display screen with fingers, there is no response in some places.


[Fault Analysis and Treatment]

It is possible that the reflective stripe of the touch screen is partially covered and can be wiped clean with a dry soft cloth. It is also possible that the reflection stripe of the touch screen is partially scraped off by hard objects and cannot be repaired.


The LCD touch screen is normal, but the computer can’t operate.

[Fault Phenomenon]

A touch screen is tested to be normal, but the computer can’t operate when it is connected to the host.


[Fault Analysis and Treatment]

This may be that before the host starts loading the touch screen driver, the touch screen control card receives the operation signal, and only needs to restart the computer after the power is cut off again. It is also possible that the touch screen driver version is too low and needs to install the latest driver.




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