Is the digital signage a liquid crystal display?

Everyone is very familiar with LCD TVs, but many people don’t understand digital signage products. In fact, when we go to a hotel or shopping mall, we often see this product in the lobby, which often displays the advertising content of the hotel or shopping mall. Most people think that this is an ordinary LCD TV, but the size is a bit larger, so is this really the case?

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Is a digital signage a liquid crystal display?

In fact, digital signage is not that simple, and there are still many scenarios in which digital signage is currently used. In addition to the hotels we are talking about, many retail industries have also begun to use digital signage products. For example, the fast food restaurants we often go to have used light boxes behind the ordering counters to display their dishes. Now many stores have also upgraded to digital signage products. In simple terms, digital signage is actually a numerical display system used in the commercial field.

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1. Digital signage is usually equipped with a system

Here is the system, in fact, this is the biggest difference between digital signage and liquid crystal display. We all know that the LCD monitor itself is only responsible for the function of screen output. The most important role of digital signage is actually the system behind it. Different from ordinary intelligent LCD, the digital signage system has the function of remote management. Users can design the display content by themselves, or download the template from the remote to apply.

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2. digital signage is not limited to liquid crystal technology

In addition, digital signage products are actually not limited to liquid crystal products. As long as they are display products used in public places, they are actually digital signage in a broad sense. They can be projection systems or LED large screen products, so digital signage is actually A broad content.

digital signage products

3. In recent years, digital signage has been innovating

Even if you put aside the system behind it, the single-wheel display of digital signage is actually different from ordinary liquid crystal displays. For example, ordinary liquid crystal displays require waterproofing, and digital signage products have high requirements for this. They must be able to be used 7X24 hours, and be waterproof and dustproof to maintain product stability.

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Although digital signage is not a new concept, many people still have a good understanding of this product. In fact, digital signage has been innovating in recent years. Not only the display resolution and color are being upgraded, but the product stability is also being upgraded. The system behind it is the key content of the upgrade, so we are judging whether a digital signage product is good or bad. At the time, it is not simple to make a single judgment based on the displayed indicators.



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