Interactive Touch Whiteboard

Experience the most versatile commercial Touch Screen on the market.
  •  Model: No.421
  •  Sizes: 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″, 98″

Interactive Touch Whiteboards allow a person to directly control a computer simply by touching the whiteboard with a finger or a pen instead of using a mouse. Dual OS, Infrared Touch, Camera and 4 arrays microphone. Infrared Touch Screens use the most robust and durable touch technology available. Designed for commercial use, infrared touch technology works by embedding LED lights and sensors into the bezel of a monitor above the glass. These LED’s beam a signal across to the corresponding sensor on the other side forming an invisible grid. When the grid is broken by a finger, or other solid object, the sensors can detect the touch point. Infrared Touch Screens are by far the most cost effective solution on the market.

Windows & Android Inside
Dual OS

Windows & Android Inside!

Could change the OS within 1 second via touch button.

Interactive Touch Whiteboard
Premium Surface Finishes

Brush Finish Surface!

Aluminium frame with brush finish treatment.

touch screen interactive whiteboard
Interactive Touch

10 Touch points for the IR touch screen!

Would upgrade to 32 touch points Max.

IR touch screen
Multiple Connectors

Multiple signal input connectors!

Enough option for the signal input.

touch screen whiteboard
Free Presentation Software

Free Touch Screen Presentation Software!

Integrated a great presentation software inside. which whiteboard, screen share functions all for free!

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