Interactive Advertising Kiosks – OC

Freestanding Advertising Kiosks supported by android media player and can be upgraded to become a Pro-cap touch screen.
  •  Model: No.522-OC
  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″

Our Interactive Advertising Kiosks are equipped with state-of-the-art touch-screen technology, allowing users to interact with the content in a seamless and intuitive manner. Whether it’s browsing through product catalogs, searching for information, or playing interactive games, these kiosks provide a captivating and immersive experience for users.

With its sleek and modern design, our Interactive Advertising Kiosks are visually appealing and can be seamlessly integrated into various indoor environments such as retail stores, shopping malls, airports, and corporate offices. The durable construction ensures reliable performance even in high-traffic areas.

Screen protect

Tempered Glass Protection!

High light transmittance tempered glass in front of the screen as protection, safety your digital signage player anywhere.

Touch Screen Upgrade

Upgrade Your Screen to Touch Screen!

The screen can be upgraded to become a ten touch points Pro-Cap touch screen.

24/7 operation

Commercial Grade

Designed for use in commercial applications this screen can run 24/7. All connectors have been locked to avoid tampering.

Plug and Play

Easiest way to upload your content!

Plug and Play is the easiest and most simplest way to upload content to the screen, Your videos and images will now play in a continuous loop.

Cloud-Based CMS Upgrade

Upgrade CMS at Any Time!

The player could be upgraded to network CMS, you can manage the player any time in any place with internet.

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