Improve visitor encounters while making better approaches. Information in restaurants, hotels, and resorts is frequently hard to track down, read, or care about. It regularly looks dull and outdated and isn’t situated to successfully help and engage visitors. That is not the case when you use Screenage digital signage solutions for hospitality. Screenage offers an excellent, easy-to-use, and controls Digital Signage for Hospitality that is designed particularly for hospitality establishment types: hotels, cruise, resorts, casinos, cinemas, and convention centers. Improve and upgrade how you visually share information by adding digital signage, empowering you to alter and broadcast notifications quickly, expertly, and without any problem. Use hospitality digital signage to give your facility a modern look-and-feel, while significantly improving the manner in which you visually communicate. Digital signage can improve a guest’s visit all while making a location look more modern and upscale. Hotels are a transition point for visitors, which makes the customers a ready and willing audience for information about the hotel itself and the locale. Digital signage for hotels makes the conveyance of messages, engaging, and fun. .

You can use Screenage digital signage for hospitality to:
  • Offer on-premise office wayfinding maps.
  • Show stand by times and relevant data.
  • Provide customer service announcements.
  • Show weekly offers and promotions.
  • Show your management achievements.
  • Show videos about your hospitality and keep visitors entertained.


Showcasing innovation, including digital signs, permits hotel and casino owners and administrators to interactively manage visitors to attractions, occasions, and accommodation conveniences. Promote specials and sales at onsite restaurants, shops, and theaters while permitting show participants to check event plans. Indeed, even build casino excitement by publicizing bonanzas and showing table games with eye-getting casino digital signage and displays. With Screenage hospitality digital signage, you can design contents, advertisements, guest service information, event postings, activities, and special offers. Using Screenage digital signage for hospitality, you will be able to design and deal with the entirety of your screens’ data rapidly. Digital wall solutions in the hospitality industry make clients a willing crowd for information about the hotel. It makes transmission of message an intelligent and fun experience while adding visual appeal and a bit of innovation. With the developing pattern of introducing digital displays in hotels, increasingly more hospitality industry leaders are recognizing the effect of digital signages on the visitor experience. Screenage gives your hotel cutting-edge digital systems to upgrade the brand worth of your premises and improve client experience, drive sales and smooth out assistance.

Easy Total Control – At any time you can update and manage the content of your digital signage screens. Promptly after making an update, your screens will get refreshed. Update screens individually or in groups.