High Brightness Display

Industrial standard screen, Our display would works perfect even under sunlight directly and can works perfectly even in extremely environment.
  • Model:No.521XH
  • Sizes : 32″, 43″, 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″, 86″

Screenage‘s high brightness with excellent visibility and high performance is the perfect outdoor display for advertising and information. Up to 3000 cd/m2 outstanding visible high brightness! High visibility and beating sunlight.

Operating Environment Temperature
Industrial Standard LCD Glass

Works perfect without any cooling system!

Designed for use in any applications & this screen can run 24/7.

Screenage high brightness display 2
High Brightness

Up to 3000 cd/m2 outstanding visible high brightness!

High visibility and beating the sun.

Screenage high brightness display 3
Build In CMS

Integrated CMS inside already!

CMS can manage the player any time in any place with internet.

Screenage high brightness display 4
Auto Brightness Control

Brightness would be auto adjust via ambient light!

It is an energy saving feature that adjusts the brightness of the screen automatically to provide a suitable and comfortable viewing condition.

Screenage high brightness display 5
Noiseless Design

It makes the operation noise less than 25dB at full load!

Noiseless design provides a quiet atmosphere which attracts audiences you can’t even imagine.

High Brightness Digital Signage Screens for Indoor and Outdoor Displays

Screenage’s Great Brightness is the ideal outdoor display for advertising and information because to its excellent visibility and high performance. Our aim is to transform the way you do business. Our high brightness LCD displays with extreme brightness that make your message stand out. Your content will look better on a monitor with extremely high brightness, which will draw users’ attention.

Whether viewing indoors or outdoors, ultra-high brightness screens significantly alter how your material is perceived. We offer a large selection of LCD digital signage displays with great brightness. All are made to operate continuously, even in bright environments. We offer screens for every application and price range.

Professionally presented public display Brightness of LCD monitors typically ranges from 350 cd/m2 to 700 cd/m2. Our selection of high-brightness screens has a starting brightness of 1,500 cd/m2, which is more than twice as bright as a typical screen. The series comprises screens with brightness levels up to 5,000 cd/m2, which is 10 times brighter than other “high bright” displays and more than 10 times brighter than some displays. Your message will be easily seen in all lighting circumstances thanks to this additional light.

It goes beyond the simple brightness.

These screens were made to be used in bright sunlight. Heat results from sunshine. When an ordinary LCD panel is subjected to extreme temperatures, it will malfunction and develop black spots over time, deteriorating the screen. High brightness screens’ LCD panels are made to endure temperatures as high as 80ºC without blackening. Which makes our display a perfect outdoor display for advertising.

Screenage 24/7 commercial-grade product for display in public areas. All of our displays are made for 24/7 operation and are of a commercial quality. Our selection of devices will guarantee that your message is clearly communicated to your customers whether it is used as a single screen, a component of a video wall matrix, or mounted in an outdoor enclosure.

Our displays are ideal for locations with high ambient light levels because they induce vibrant colors with amazing clarity. A wide variety of installation options are available for this line of monitors thanks to the narrow bezel around the screen and the shallow depth. Since the panels are highly rated, putting them as a part of a commercial display is worry-free and more than sufficient for a long-term mounting option.

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