Hand Sanitizing Dispenser Display

Presently, like never before, when all the world is battling the COVID-19, where we all know that one of the most important factors after social distancing is to keep your hands clean all the time, not to touch the face and use masks.

Screenage Digital Signage with Hand Sanitizing Dispenser which is very much useful in this epidemic situation preventing the spread of COVID-19.

The dispensing of sanitizer is automatic with a hand motion sensor which will avoid touching any part of the unit and it can be used in public places such as banks, shopping malls, public markets, schools, and hospitals.


Hand sanitizer dispenser with display, To Ensure Optimal Hygiene At All Times, Commercial Hand Sanitizer Units Workplaces, businesses, shopping complexes, and shopping malls can all benefit from convenient, easy-to-use solutions. Refillable reservoir stores alcohol-based sanitizer or natural sanitizing solutions and is hygienically clean. Clean, safe, and fully touch-free to avoid cross contamination, auto dispense using the built-in IR Sensor. A Commercial Screen with a built-in Media Player is included with the Auto Dispenser. When the device is turned on and the motion sensor is activated, it will automatically play films or images in a loop. It is commonly used in hospitals, meeting rooms, reception desks, hotel lobbies, schools, train stations, airports, and toilets, among other places. The machine can be operated remotely or locally through USB using our CMS.

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