Free Standing Touch Screen kiosk

It's the best sale kiosk in the world of digital signage market with superb design.
  •  Model: No.522
  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″

From an interactive digital display to an interactive touch screen kiosk, Screenage digital signage solutions create high-impact experiences. Touch screen kiosks work well for maps, directories, and signs for shopping malls, trade shows, airports, train stations, campuses, and other large complexes.

Free Standing Touch Screen kiosk
Tempered Glass Protection

Display Glass Protection at It’s Best!

High light transmittance tempered glass in front of the screen as protection, safety for your digital signage player everywhere.

Display Glass Protection
Commercial Grade

Commercial Grade Digital Signage!

Designed for use in commercial applications this screen can run 24/7. All connectors have been locked to avoid tampering.

Commercial Grade Digital Signage
Integrated Wheels

Move It Anywhere!

Designed with wheels for easy move around, once the kiosk is in the position the wheels can be retracted.

touch screen digital kiosk
4K Display Upgrade

Upgrade It to Most Clearer Screen!

Could be upgraded to 4K resolution display.

interactive touch screen kiosk
Intelligent Display

Multiple Window in Single Screen!

Supports splitting the screen into multiple windows with different content being reproduced in each of them.

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