Four core components of digital signage

Digital signage is a problem that we have discussed more recently, because digital signage is a relatively advanced identification product, and it is also a direction of the development of the sign industry. Therefore, it is reasonable for us to analyze the key points of digital signage. On the one hand, we can strengthen the promotion of digital signage. On the other hand, we can also help the promotion of digital signage. Today, our theme is an integral part of digital signage, that is to say, digital signage. What are the parts? We sorted out the following 4 parts:

digital signage

1. The shell part, the shell is the part that we can see intuitively. The digital signage is not just a screen. The digital signage we see in reality will be in various shapes, looks very beautiful and generous, not alone The display, therefore, this shell has a very important decorative role. Although it does not help digital signage in terms of function, digital signage is also part of the entire identification system. Of course, the outline of the shape needs to be consistent with the overall style, so , This shell is essentially as important as other identification products.

2. Display, what we have a deeper understanding of digital signage at this stage should be the touch screen. This is a typical display device and an important link between digital signage and users.

3. The operating system and the shell have no soul, and the display itself has no soul. Why can digital signage display various types of file information, not only graphics, but also voice and video files. In fact, we simply and rudely understand digital signage as a computer, and all problems will be solved. For the machine to run, it must have an operating system. This system is the core of ensuring that various files can be presented to users.

4. Application layer. With the first three basic hardware and software devices, what do we need to display on digital signage? For the machine, of course, it is a file. Although the user will eventually see all kinds of beautiful pictures, text, audio or video, but for the machine, they are just different formats. They are all file information. Therefore, we put these Information is collectively referred to as the application layer. This application layer contains two aspects, one is the content of the file information itself, and the other is the application layer software that presents the file.



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