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65 inch Outdoor double-sided kiosk study case in EU

Product: 65 inch double-sided outdoor kiosk
Installation time: 2019
Area: EU
Key features:
•65 inch outdoor kiosk with fans cooling (mild climate only)
•With all weather-proof
•Cloud based online CMS
•4K resolution screen
65 inch double-sided outdoor kiosk

65 inch double-sided outdoor kiosk

We are proud with our team and agent for this project. After the confirmation from the terminal clients we found the weather in the installation place is very good, the highest temperature there is 35 degree in the summer. Also, the lowest temperature would not go under zero. After the technical discussion between the client and our engineer team, we confirmed the fans cooling system is enough for the kiosk, it’s not only save the cost of production but also would save the energy of electricity!