Five application scenarios of digital signage

Digital signage application scenarios are relatively extensive. In recent years, with the upgrading of urban development, the environment is getting better and better and more convenient. The application of digital signage in the sign system is also an important force in these changes. However, if you want to ask sign manufacturers, where can digital signage be used? Or a certain party said, is my place suitable for digital signage? Maybe most people will say yes, or you can give a general situation, but what are the usage scenarios? These may not be something that everyone can recite. Below, based on Kesai’s years of experience in digital signage projects, we have To make a systematic combing of application scenarios, the following will start from 5 aspects:

Digital signage application

Application scenario 1, in the field of new retail, our feelings are more obvious. For example, many large supermarkets now use self-service cash registers and self-service load-bearing machines. These are actually some digital signage equipment that are closely related to our daily lives. We The high-frequency participation of products shows that this demand will receive more and more attention from all aspects, and it is also one of the directions of fierce competition in the direction of digital signage in the future.

Application Scenario 2: Fashionable catering industry. In fact, in the catering industry, we have a basic version of self-service ordering service terminals, as well as equipment for arranging and calling numbers. The catering industry is also one of the earlier cited areas of digital signage. In the future, digital signage will also publish more articles on the terminal equipment of catering services, so that users can order and dine services more simply and conveniently.

Application Scenario 3, smart medical care. Since the catering industry can call number queuing, the application of queuing number queuing in the medical industry is actually more worthy of promotion, because catering is relatively speaking, the flow of people will not be particularly high, nor will it There is a huge flow of people in the medical system, so the application of digital signage in the medical and health system will be more extensive. In the future, it will not only stop at the basic functions of the serial number and self-print report, but also have more humanized functions.

Application scenario 4, smart government affairs. When we go to relevant government service places to do things, there are some basic matters that do not need to be manually operated face-to-face. Digital signage can solve the problem of low manual service efficiency. Because the time for a hot service is usually limited, but when checking text and digital information, the probability of error is relatively high, but after these problems are handed over to the system, the probability of comparison errors will be very high. , Is close to zero, so no matter from the perspective of efficiency or accuracy, the application of digital signage in government service scenarios will be more extensive.

Application scenario 5, a new generation of advertising machine. For a long time, we are very disgusted with the advertisements in the advertising machine, and the advertising machine itself is an earlier generation of digital signage, and it is also the originator of the large-scale application of digital signage. , And now it’s not popular everywhere, what’s wrong. In fact, we can imagine looking for a reference. In the past, when we used search engines to search for products, would the displayed results be exactly the same? When we read the news, would any user open the same interface, too many , And different users have different understanding of the same thing, and the tags they are interested in are also different. The relevant materials corresponding to the corresponding tags are naturally different. The corresponding service terminals and requirements are different. Very big,



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