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Our whole team shares the same vision: To transform the spaces where people live and work, through innovative display products and solutions.

We are a group of professionals who are fully dedicated to your projects and do everything in our power to deliver quality that is second to none and made-to-measure solutions. A group whose know-how, expertise and passion make all the difference.

Our multidisciplinary team is on the cutting edge of technology from analysing customers’ needs to design, manufacture, supply chain and after-sales service.  We support our clients throughout their experience with dynamic signage. We will be delighted to take care of your needs.

Please don’t hesitate contact our team of professionals to get the benefit of our expertise in digital display solutions.

Core Team Member


Allen Lei

  • Email:allen.lei (at) screenage (dot) cn
  • Mobile: (+86) 183 1906 4321
VP - Global Market

Alex Michael

  • Email:alex (at) screenage (dot) cn
  • Mobile: (+86) 157 6712 7977
Director - MARKETING

Jasmine Chen

  • Email: sales8 (at) screenage (dot) cn
  • Mobile: (+86) 150 9994 7852

Frank Xie

  • Email: sales3 (at) screenage (dot) cn
  • Mobile: (+86) 157 7074 1137

Cathy Luo

  • Email: merchandiser (at) screenage (dot) cn
Director - Product

Gao Yan

  • Email: gao (at) screenage (dot) cn

Angela Zhang

  • Email: finance (at) screenage (dot) cn

Rob Peng

  • Email: technical (at) screenage (dot) cn

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