Embedded Touch Screen

The customer’s engineer told us that under the premise that in certain specific environments without damaging the construction environment, it would be very tedious to install with a normal touch display. That’s the reason why we designed this special touch monitor. Its unique groove design on the surface makes it easy to install in various environments and equipment.

Embedded systems allow you to better blend the background of your digital signage, and can be embedded into other devices as well.

Embedded advertising display can be applied well in various fields without affecting the beauty and simplicity of the overall environment.

As a complete supplier, we can provide different sizes from 10.1 “to 55” to meet different needs.
1. Multiple Signal Input Support
2. Multiple Operation System Support
3. Commercial Grade
4. IPS Panel


Embedded Touch Display

Embedded touch digital signage provides a more intuitive, three-dimensional, interactive way of displaying information, and has the advantages of high space utilization, automated management, and rich functionality. It is an ideal choice for advertising, promotion, navigation, and other scenarios.

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