Double-sided Outdoor Kiosk

Double-sided Outdoor Kiosk with Weather Proofing, Security Lock, Built-in Air-conditioning...
  •  Model: No.632
  •  Sizes: 55″

Double-sided Outdoor Kiosk, Brightness is paramount when using outdoor screens these displays use commercial grade Ultra High Brightness panels (3000 cd/m2), more than 5 times brighter than a standard home TV to allow easy readability in direct sunlight. Outdoor enclosures are of mild steel and have thermally toughened glass.

Double-sided Outdoor Kiosk provides a removable base, easy updates, network CMS upgrade, touch screen upgrade, integrated temperature control, waterproof, and sunlight readable screen.

Double-sided Outdoor Kiosk
Weather Proofing

All Weather Proofing!

Designed to withstand the elements and are protected against all wet weather conditions and airborne dust particles.

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High Brightness

Clear High Brightness Display!

Screen would get up to 3,000 nits as 5 times more than normal display, makes the screen is readable even under the strong sunlight.

Clear High Brightness Display
Advanced Temperature Control System

Built-in Air-conditioning!

To maximize the life of the screen, the internal airflow system keeps the screen at the optimal temperature regardless of external conditions The built-in air conditioning can be adjusted so that the screen works in any weather.

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Cloud Based CMS Upgrade!

Player could be upgrade to network CMS if standalone version can’t meet your control demand, via network CMS you can manage the player any time in any place with Internet.

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Auto Brightness Control

Brightness would be auto adjust via Ambient Light Sensor!

Ambient light sensor will adjust the screen brightness based on the displays surrounding light levels.

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