Double Side Display Kiosk

This Kiosk is made with double sided display on both side, to make sure the passerby would never miss the Advertisement.
  •  Model: No.522D
  •  Sizes: 49″, 55″, 65″, 75″

Double sided freestanding multimedia digital kiosk is best suitable for stores which needs to display outdoor as well as indoor on the same digital signage kiosk. In the core strategy place like shopping malls, public transportation centers, every limited promotion could create limitless commercial value. Our double sided kiosk is the weapon to bring double times value for you.

Double Side Display Kiosk
Double Sided Screen

Kiosk Made with Double Side Display!

Double sided screen on both side will make sure the passerby would never miss your precious AD, wherever they come.

advertising kiosk display
Dual Display Mode

Display More Content On Dual Display!

Single display mode and display mirroring mode could be choose be based on different demand from the client.

signage kiosk
Tempered Glass Protection

Display Glass Protection at It’s Best!

High light transmittance tempered glass in front of the screen as protection, safety for your digital signage player everywhere.

Double Side Display Kiosk
Integrated Wheels

Move It Anywhere!

Designed with wheels for easy move around, once the kiosk is in the position the wheels can be retracted.

advertising kiosk display
Cloud Based CMS Upgrade

Upgrade CMS at Any Time!

Player could be upgrade to network CMS, you can manage the player any time in any place with internet.

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