Digital Signage

Digital signage is an electronic sign used to convey information to in-store audiences and customers. It uses an LCD educate, engage, and inform nearby viewers. We also provide Digital signage with Interactive touch panel as a digital installation that displays video or multimedia content for informational or advertising purposes.

As a professional manufacturer for digital signage product, we are not only can provide our standard design of digital signage from 10.1 inch to 96 inch, but also we can provide customization service for both software and hardware which would works as a full solution.

  • Multi Design digital signage to choose
  • Interactive function would upgrade
  • Multiple Sizes
  • Up to 4K resolution
  • OEM / ODM are available

Please choose the right digital signage product from below, be based on your demand. Please contact us, if you can’t find what you need or you have your own idea/design of digital signage want to make. OEM/ODM are welcome!


Digital Signage Window Display

We walk on the streets and we are in deep thought. We illuminate the board of a product then our focus shifts from deep thoughts to attractive things and we start thinking about the product, its price and all. It doesn’t matter if we buy products or not but the advertisement is successful to gain our interest towards the product and it’s the magic of digital signage window display.

A digital signage window display is used for the promotion of products and services. The main work of digital signage window display is to gain the focus of people so they become ready to think about a particular product once they think that they need it. Then there is a high chance that customers will approach the same shop or store where they see that Signage.

How digital signage works

As we all know change is the rule of nature like this business and its promotion also changing day by day. Until the introduction of technology in the market everything was going at light speed but after the era of the internet, innovative ideas and startups like e-commerce, UPI and digital marketing changed all the traditions and myths.

The way of promotion and branding also changed with these revolutions, digital signage window display is one of the innovative ideas for advertising. Window displays communicate with customers in short and make customers curious about products and services for this. The display shows Offers like Cashback, Coupon Codes, Sale, Gift Hamper etc. these short messages attract customers and bring them to the outlets.

Signage and Screenage

The basic meaning of signage window means a digital display which promotes particular products and services with help of short messages and offers whereas Screenage is a multinational company that designed and manufactures digital signage window displays and provides customized services like advertisement and brand promotion.

Advertisement with Window Display

Window display promotion is good for small and medium shop owners but it’s not limited to them there is a huge craze for window display promotion in big giants of a corporate also. Every big city across the globe is full of window display promotions like NewYork, Paris, and Shanghai everywhere digital signage window display leading mode of advertising.

Any organization or entity that is willing to communicate with their stakeholders and consumers in a short time can use the medium of digital signage like Stock markets, Food and Beverages, shopping complex, insurance companies etc. all these use digital signage to reach people. Window displays create a positive environment of products and services which generate value and trust of stakeholders towards the brand or organization.

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