Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

With the vigorous advancement of the country’s new infrastructure during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period and the development of the contactless economy in the post-epidemic era, enterprises, governments, transportation, education, medical and other fields will accelerate intelligent and digital transformation, and smart display terminals have become an industry An indispensable basic carrier in digitization. As the application scenarios of smart commercial display become more and more extensive, its industrial value is constantly improving, and it has become an important strategically significant field in the electronic information industry. As an important part of the LED display, it is natural to not miss this blue ocean market with unlimited prospects. Two commercial display products, digital signage and LED advertising machine, have occupied most of the outdoor commercial display market share in recent years. In today’s market, digital signage is dominated by outdoor commercial display, mainly LCD, and the current LED outdoor advertising machine is also a commercial display product that has only gradually emerged in recent years.

Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

Why did digital signage come into being? LCD or LED?

Along with the development trend of digital information technology, commercial offices such as merchants, enterprises, and units have already begun to switch to digital propaganda. Traditional posters, leaflets, banners, etc. have all begun to show a substantial reduction, as there are many digital devices that can replace them, and the effect is even better. In today’s day when digital information becomes normal, digital signage has come into life, and the work of publicity and display of digital information has begun. It can be said that digital signage was born for commercial display.

Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

Digital signage appears frequently in shopping malls, shopping malls, companies, parks, etc. We have already become accustomed to watching this digital publicity display. Digital signage actually uses its own characteristics to display the traditional static advertising methods through video, audio, text, pictures, etc., to achieve better results. With the expansion of informatization and digital high-definition display demand, digital signage is also developing in the direction of higher definition and higher color saturation. The emergence of digital signage has provided excellent tools for countless merchants. In the choice of display devices, the current competition is mainly between liquid crystal display (LCD) and LED display, both of which have their own unique features in the retail environment. LCD can provide the most abundant solution options from 20 to 100 inches, and can be spliced ​​to achieve a larger and wider format. LED is the ideal choice for large size, typically more than 100 inches. The size of the LED screen can be expanded indefinitely and there is no seam. Its most impressive feature for commercial displays is the lowest glare brightness function, which is very beneficial for continuous uninterrupted viewing of large video walls.

Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

Given that both LCD and LED have their own distinct advantages, cost has become an important measurement factor. This is to start talking about the service life, power consumption, resolution, and price between the two. In terms of service life, the typical life of LCD is 30,000 to 60,000 hours, or 3.4 to 6.8 years, which requires less initial investment. However, the current entry-level LED may be 20% lower than the entry-level commercial-level LCD. High-end LED screens require a higher initial investment, but they have a life span of 80,000 to 100,000 hours, or 9 to 11.4 years. In terms of power consumption, the typical energy efficiency of LEDs is 30% higher than that of LCDs at the same brightness, which reduces energy consumption and electricity costs. The reduction in electricity consumption also brings lower heat generation, thereby reducing cooling costs.

Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

After considering the long service life, reducing energy consumption and cooling costs, the balance point of LCD and LED is the high-definition resolution, which is very suitable for large-scale displays. In order to achieve close viewing, the ultra-high-definition LED screen also provides additional functions, including Improve brightness and contrast, reduce glare, arcs and unique shapes, and modular maintenance capabilities. When considering the real cost of use in the overall product life cycle, the current price of LED screens can meet or exceed the affordability of LCD screens of the same size, making them more valuable for investment in the commercial display field. In summary, the LED display digital signage can better meet market demand and cost expectations.

LED advertising machine takes the wind of smart city construction to new heights

According to data, starting from 2018, the overall market size of LED advertising machines has achieved rapid growth, and a new wave of business has been set off in new retail and smart cities, which has also promoted advertising machines to become a popular choice in the commercial display market. The market size of advertising machines is expected to be in 2023. It will reach 4.4 million units. In the current consumption upgrade, customers have higher and higher requirements for outdoor advertising, and advertisers also have higher expectations for digital marketing. Therefore, there are more diversified requirements for the application of LED advertising machines. From picture and video playback to user portraits to data collection, the product functions of LED advertising players are no longer limited to advertising and display, but pay more attention to personalization and innovation. With the integration of core technologies, detailed technological innovation has become the market. The key to competition has put forward higher requirements on the technological innovation capabilities of LED advertising player companies.

Judging from the current development of the commercial display market, the essence of the smart LED advertising machine is a transformation of information transmission methods. With the change in the pattern of the outdoor media market, the application of the LED advertising machine is vigorously vigorous and has achieved symbiosis with media applications. The trend is toward reality to mature applications, and it provides a very strong barrier to competition for the transformation of the outdoor media landscape.

The application of the LED advertising machine itself emphasizes accuracy and convenience. It can run stably for a long time in a complex network environment and harsh outdoor environment, and is displayed through LED screens, rich in information presentation modes, and also relying on scalability, Low cost, stability, flexibility and strong security, and the speed of information, the diversification of information, and the particularity of information have brought great improvements. On the other hand, as a new type of media, LED advertising machine has high utilization rate, easy maintenance, and high security. The operator does not need to upgrade or update each terminal device or service facility one by one, but can be remotely controlled and released through intelligent control. Programs, status inquiries, fault alarms, etc., can all be monitored and located remotely.
Digital signage VS LED advertising machine, which is better

In this way, the LED advertising machine plays a very important role in the construction of smart cities. The LED advertising machine that grows into a terminal display can realize the rapid dissemination and reception of information and meet the high requirements of the public for information dissemination. In actual operation, the LED advertising player can be flexibly applied to various environments, which is conducive to the popularization of informatization, and through the clever connection with the Internet, the specific and specialization of information transmission can be realized, and the application of the scene can be promoted. Intelligent upgrade. In addition, the LED advertising player can also be connected to a variety of environmental monitoring equipment, can obtain weather data at any time through the sensor, and publish the information. As the market’s awareness of LED advertising machine terminals increases, the potential application market will naturally increase. Judging from the current development speed, for the rapidly expanding market, many companies in the industry are also extremely optimistic about the development of LED advertising players, using them as a pathfinder for outdoor large-screen displays.

The two face each other, and the commercial market has doubled its vitality

The transformation and upgrading of digital signage from LCD to LED has enabled it to gain more market share in the commercial display market, while LED advertising players have opened up their own blue ocean market under the new business model, and followed the current commercial tide and wisdom Urban construction takes off, and with the deepening development of industry applications, it becomes more lively. In fact, whether it’s you who are on the stage or the two heroes clash, it is by no means a “flip flop”, because facing the future display market, it must be closer to the needs of users and own the market. The reason why the commercial display market is so popular is in the final analysis. In the step-by-step technological maturity of products, we will continue to implement research on how to match market demand so as to seize the opportunities and opportunities for commercial development in the post-epidemic economic rebound. Moreover, under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control in the future, the demand for non-contact display in the commercial display market will become larger and larger. Compared with traditional static advertising and inefficient digital signage, their upgrade path will inevitably lead to commercial display. It shows that the market is becoming more hot.

With the demand for high-definition displays in 5G transmission and consumption upgrades, the development potential of LED commercial displays in the future is huge. And smart terminal display will eventually be an inevitable trend of future display. The “remodeling” of LED advertising machines and digital signage has also given the LED display commercial display market a dazzling achievement in terminal display. From the above point of view, the competitive relationship between the two is not a violent competition between you and me, but a high-end benign contest between “student hegemony” and “study hegemony”. The ultimate essence is still the enabler. The market is more vibrant.



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