Digital Signage Poster

Digital Signage poster is made for convenient of all our clients as it is light weight and easy to carry around.
  •  Model: No.552
  •  Sizes: 43″, 49″, 55″

Digital advertising posters are informative and allow retailers to display their products, highlight deals, attract potential buyers to products online, and build customer loyalty. Brand marketers use kiosks to educate potential customers.

Digital Signage Poster
Intelligent Display

Multiple Window in Single Screen!

Supports splitting the screen into multiple windows with different content being reproduced in each of them.

Digital advertising posters
Multi Applications For Reserve Area

Show Anything You Want!

It could be your logo printing or attach a flyer box.

Digital advertising posters
Plug and Play

The Easiest Digital Signage!

The lightest portable AD player with direct USB playing and Pop android system.

Digital Signage Poster
Slim Body

Slimmest Digital Poster Ever!

Super slim display with thickness 21mm only.

Digital Signage Poster
Safety Display

Higher Security Toughened Glass!

Stronger and more durable and less prone to breakage than standard glass .

Product Application Case Show

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