Digital signage plays an important role today

Compared with online advertising, digital signage is obviously more attractive. As an effective tool, including retail, hospitality, healthcare, technology, education, sports or corporate environments, digital signage can be used to effectively communicate with users. There is no doubt that digital signage has become the preferred marketing tool for companies.

Digital signage has become a part of our daily lives. LED displays are very common in airports and railway stations, and are often used to display information such as departure and arrival time. In addition, in the catering industry, digital menus are also very common. Compared with ten years ago, people today are more accustomed to the digital world, and this is why digital signage is more important in today’s world.

Digital signage plays an important role today

Why is digital signage more important in today’s world?

LED displays can help companies feel their presence in a highly competitive business environment. Digital signage attracts attention with eye-catching fonts, text, animations and full-motion videos. Digital signage in public places can be presented to more people than Internet video. These low-maintenance screens are the perfect solution for product marketing. Therefore, if you want a marketing method that is cheaper than TV ads but can attract more people, then digital signage is the answer.

90% of the information processed by our brain is visual information. More than 60% of people use digital displays to learn more about products.

Digital signage plays an important role today

Research shows that 40% of customers believe that indoor LED displays will affect their purchasing decisions. LED display can attract consumers to increase consumption. As many as 80% of customers admitted that the reason they decided to enter the store was precisely because the digital signage outside the store attracted their attention.

Even more surprising is that people can even remember what they saw on digital signage a month ago. Studies have shown that the memory rate of digital signage is 83%.

Digital signage plays an important role today

Outdoor and indoor digital displays

Outdoor digital displays are not only eye-catching but also cost-effective. In contrast, traditional banners are expensive, and the paint used for traditional banners takes three days to dry completely, and the manual production of large traditional banners is very expensive.

Outdoor displays play a vital role in brand promotion. The location of the outdoor digital display is very important to ensure that it reaches the target audience. Properly sized digital signage also plays a vital role in influencing customers. In addition, the size of the text and the product and the location of the product are equally important.
Digital signage plays an important role today

Outdoor digital signage can work in bad weather conditions. The waterproof screen can maintain good results in rain and thunderstorms. Digital signage can be updated easily and quickly anytime, anywhere, and even content can be scheduled in advance.

Indoor digital signage is usually used in shopping malls, shops, restaurants, hotels and hospitals. Replacement parts for indoor signs are easy to obtain and have higher operational value. The highly customizable screen enables companies to change content as many times as needed.

Therefore, let’s sort out why digital signage is very important for businesses:

draw attention

Digital signage can attract more people to watch than traditional banners, and even remote audiences will be attracted. These displays help create brand awareness and create a positive image of the brand.

Provide a competitive advantage

It is very important to remain in public view, otherwise it is easy to be forgotten. In the field of marketing, companies need to continue to stay in the public eye, and digital signage helps to achieve this goal easily.

Rich choice

As a business, you can choose the settings that suit you best. The settings can be simple, basic or complex and diverse. Companies can choose multiple screens to display the same or different content, which provides companies with a wealth of choices.


With the help of digital displays, information attracts a large audience at an affordable price. Advertising on digital display screens is 80% cheaper than TV advertising, but it is very effective for promoting business development in a short period of time. Even small businesses can use digital displays for brand promotion.

Low maintenance

The digital display does not require expensive maintenance. They can withstand severe weather conditions. Digital signage does not require regular maintenance like traditional banners.


Interactive digital displays allow customers to access information according to their preferences. Consumers can get the information they need in real time.

Environmental friendly

The digital display is environmentally friendly, it consumes less power, and the use of a digital screen can also reduce paper waste. For example, restaurants change their menus according to the seasons, and waste a lot of paper on the menu every year. The use of digital screens can easily solve this problem.

Automatic brightness control

With the automatic brightness control function of the digital display, the user does not need to manually adjust the brightness. With the automatic brightness control function, the screen can be seen clearly even at night. On cloudy days, you don’t have to worry about brightness affecting viewing, because it will automatically adjust.

Different perspectives

Using the different viewing angles of the digital display, the viewer can read it from any angle. Due to the different viewing angles of the digital display, drivers and pedestrians can view messages on the digital signage without any problems.

Multi-color animation, graphics and text

To make the sign eye-catching, add different fonts, colored text, graphics, and animations. LED displays can be used to provide real-time information and share market statistics and news.

Videos and clips

Short videos and clips not only make digital signage stand out, but also help companies create their own space in the market.

in conclusion

Indoor and outdoor LED displays are important tools to help brand recognition and business promotion. In today’s digital world, whether it is a small or large enterprise, it is important to focus on digital display.


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