Digital signage becomes a new communication platform

Tracing back to history, the digital signage industry started with simple outdoor advertising. Until now, in such a digital age, digital signage serves all walks of life every day and displays information in public places. It has developed into a comprehensive communication platform.

Digital signage becomes a new communication platform

Samsung is at the forefront of the digital signage industry and has promoted the development of the industry through a series of technological innovations. Over the years, Samsung has overcome many difficulties in the development of the industry and has continued to introduce innovative products that are popular with consumers.

Take a look at the development history of Samsung SMART Signage digital signage in the past ten years, as well as the achievements and breakthroughs made today.

Digital signage becomes a new communication platform

1 debut at the airport

“If it is only for displaying information, what is the necessity of installing large digital signage indoors? What is the difference between digital signage and TV screen?” This is the beginning of the 21st century, when digital signage first appeared in public view. Sungtae Lee is a frequently asked question. Lee is one of the pioneers of commercial signage products in the visual display division of Samsung Electronics.
Digital signage becomes a new communication platform
On many occasions, he had to explain the difference between Samsung products and other products by introducing the value of digital signage and product features. “At that time, we firmly believed that digital signage will profoundly change the way people communicate, but it is not as easy to accept as we originally imagined.” Lee said.


*In 2018, Samsung installed indoor airport LED digital signs at the new Istanbul Airport, with a total area of ​​1,012 square meters.
Digital signage becomes a new communication platform

As digital signage continues to integrate innovative technologies and open up new markets, people’s perceptions of digital signage have changed accordingly. Lee said that for Samsung, such an opportunity starts at the airport.

The airport is a large and complex structure. From boarding to baggage claim, a large amount of information needs to be processed in real time, which naturally puts forward a strong demand for digital signage products and solutions. “Samsung is a pioneer in introducing the flight information display system (FIDS) into the airport. FIDS can remotely process video clips 24 hours a day and transmit information in real time through a data network. It has laid a solid foundation for the development of Samsung’s SMART Signage digital signage.” Lee said.
Digital signage becomes a new communication platform

20 years of striving to exceed the limit


At the beginning of the 21st century, Samsung introduced 32-inch LCD signage products; and in less than a decade, it launched 110-inch LCD signage in 2014. At the same time, it has become thinner and lighter.

In addition, the installation locations of digital signage have gradually expanded from the airport to offices, clothing retail stores, bus stations, and subway stations; and large-scale advertising digital signage has also begun to appear outdoors. As the application scenarios of digital signage continue to expand, it also requires corresponding technologies to cope with various challenges brought about by environmental factors, such as temperature, humidity, solar heat, ultraviolet rays, and infrared rays.
Digital signage becomes a new communication platform
Samsung Magic Glass (Samsung Magic Glass) came into being. “We use a unique thermal protection technology to improve durability, and make it have high standards of waterproof, dustproof (IP56), explosion-proof (IK10) capabilities. This is why Samsung digital signage even in severe dust and other harsh environments It can also work normally and can withstand strong shocks.” said Sehee Park, head of outdoor products in the product strategy group of Samsung’s visual display department.

3Samsung digital signage leads the trend

In the field of digital signage, Samsung has shown its leading position in the industry by innovation. Especially in March 2018, Samsung installed an eye-catching large-scale LED signage in the COEX shopping mall in Seoul, South Korea. It is a complete bendable screen that connects two walls, showing an impressive image display effect. It perfectly interprets Samsung’s stunning technology in the field of digital signage.
Digital signage becomes a new communication platform
“In each connection part of the display, we have adopted an optimized waterproof solution to maximize durability; Samsung’s unique image quality processing technology can also allow the screen to display colors vividly for a long time.” Visual Display Department Said Seungjae Soh, product strategy group.


A variety of retail stores also provide opportunities for Samsung. Because outdoor signs are often used to attract consumers’ attention, it makes it particularly important to vividly display the selling points and bright colors of products. In order to meet this demand, Samsung has also introduced various sizes of high-brightness sign products, which are commonly used in retail stores and fast-food restaurants. In addition, the new double-sided display products can also be widely installed at bus stops to broadcast street advertisements to passers-by and commuters.

In the constantly changing field of digital signage, one of the latest development trends is QLED 8K ultra-high resolution signage. Samsung has led this innovation, launching its first 82-inch 8K digital signage product. In addition, the AI-based quantum processor can convert any video clip-regardless of resolution-into 8K resolution, thereby generating a stunning display. In the second half of this year, Samsung will continue to expand its 8K signage product lineup.

“Luxury retail stores have a strong demand for our 8K signage products because they want to display vivid product images. In addition, because Samsung’s AI technology can convert any resolution content to 8K resolution, it makes our 8K signage The products are well received by users. Just like what we have done in the past ten years, Samsung will continue to provide industry-leading products and services.” said Seog-gi Kim, executive vice president of Samsung Electronics Enterprise Business Group.



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