Digital Signage Advantage characteristics

System advantages

1. Centralized control and centralized management:
Through the WAN network remote control, there is no need to manually change the card or insert the card, so that different places, different audiences, and different time periods can play different advertising information content. Software upgrades can also be operated remotely, without manual presence.

2. Real-time release:
Immediately release emergency information, emergencies, and insert media files to achieve the simultaneous release of bank foreign exchange, fund interest rates, policies and regulations, promotional activities, weather forecasts, clocks and other instant information.

3. Stability:
Efficient and stable embedded design, plug and play, no virus infection.

4. Split screen display:
At the same time, multiple information combinations such as audio, video, pictures, letters, etc. are played to realize the free adjustment of any position of videos, pictures, and subtitles, which solves the contradiction that only advertising is less concerned or only entertainment programs have no advertising value.

5. Information security:
The use of special pricing technology can control the broadcast of all non-audited programs, effectively ensuring the safety of outdoor media transmission.

6. HD playback:
Supports high-definition playback of MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4, WMV9, H.264 and other media (except for the two formats of rm and mkv, other media formats are basically supported.).

Internet function

1. Support all existing IP networks, support various network protocols and provide service quality assurance.
2. Real-time information release: rolling subtitles, pictures, video clips, etc.
3. The network updates the broadcast content without manual replacement.
4. The playback terminal can be managed centrally or distributedly through the network, and supports hierarchical and partition management.
5. Remotely upgrade the player firmware, without the need for technicians to operate on the player terminal.

Other functions

Support media format
Video MPEG1/2/4, WMV, AVI, VOB, RMVB, FLV, H.264
Picture JPG, PNG, GIF, SWF (Flash)
Powerful editing function
The screen area can be divided arbitrarily, and the screen can be divided into N areas through the template
Window adjustment and layout, the size and position of the window in each area can be changed at will
The method of adding material is simple, you can directly drag the material file to each area
Effect settings, you can add various display effects to make the content display more gorgeous
Template management
You can design common templates by yourself
Templates can be used repeatedly, which can save a lot of time
Flexible schedule management
Schedule according to time and date
Play plan can be queried
Scheduled programs can be reused, reducing manual maintenance costs
Scientific terminal management
Player group management, can be managed according to area and function
Real-time monitoring of the player, which can monitor the status of the player online
Online terminal upgrade, support network online upgrade terminal software
Intelligent playback, after any machine is powered off, when the power is restored and the power is turned on, it can automatically synchronize to other normal playback machine screens
Multiple rights management
The detailed management of permissions, the specific permissions are divided into: viewing, editing, scheduling, management, publishing, etc.
Reasonable distribution of permissions, different users can divide different permissions according to their needs
Dynamically adjust output
Display resolution can be adjusted arbitrarily
The angle of the output screen can be adjusted arbitrarily
Terminal identity authentication management
Support terminal authority management, different terminals can only play the playlist authorized to it by the system
Terminal access authentication, only the terminal that passes the authentication can obtain information such as the play list
other apps
Various attributes of text can be adjusted, including color, font, size
Support temporary text announcement interruption, scrolling text online editing interruption
Support external instant information updates
Support TV signal, network video and other streaming media input



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