Daily maintenance methods for LCD advertising machines

In daily life, we must keep the habit of “cleaning” the LCD advertising machine regularly. You can spray it on the LCD advertising machine screen with a special potion, and then gently wipe it with a clean white cloth. Try not to use a damp cloth with too much water content. Too much water content on the damp cloth can easily cause water to stay on the screen. Water entering the screen through the edge can cause a short circuit in the system and the LCD advertising machine cannot work normally. It is recommended to use soft scrubbing materials such as glasses cloth and lens paper to scrub the screen to avoid unnecessary scratches on the LCD advertising machine screen.

LCD advertising machines
The working environment of the LCD advertising machine directly affects the operation and service life of the LCD advertising machine. If the working environment of the LCD advertising machine is too bright, or even direct sunlight, this will not only affect the visual communication of the LCD advertising machine, but also damage the LCD advertising Machine screen electronic components. The air humidity of the working environment where the LCD advertising machine is located must be kept suitable, and two extremes must not be taken. Once the electronic equipment is too humid, it will only affect the circuit conditions and cause the LCD advertising machine to fail to work normally.

No matter how good electronic products are, they will have their own longest operating time, and LCD advertising machines are no exception. The switch of the LCD advertising machine body will cause certain damage to the LCD advertising machine, and frequent switching will only cause damage to the electronic components of the screen. , It will naturally affect the use of the LCD advertising player and affect its service life.

Electronic products need maintenance. Everyone knows this. But if you know that electronic products need to be maintained, you will be able to do the maintenance work well. The maintenance of electronic products also has certain rules and skills. Electronic equipment often has static electricity. Phenomenon, LCD advertising machine is no exception. Static electricity will cause dust flying in the air to adhere to the LCD advertising machine screen and screen. At this time, it is very important to master certain maintenance skills. Do not use a damp cloth when cleaning. Wet objects not only do not work well, but also cause circuit wetting or short circuit. Therefore, the maintenance of LCD advertising machines must be skillful.



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