Common functions of digital signage

As a new type of identification product, digital signage has some personalized functions that traditional signs do not have. It is precisely because of these distinctive functions that it can occupy a place in the market, and now digital signage has embarked on The fast lane of rapid development. So, have we found that in different scenarios, the role and function of digital signage are different, and the way of interaction is also different. The root cause of this problem is that user needs are different, so it is necessary to customize functions according to user needs Development, now the problem is coming again. From the current digital signage on the market, what are the common functions of digital signage? Below we expand from three aspects;

 digital signage
1. Queuing for number collection. This function is actually a more traditional function, and it is also a function that we have more contact with. For example, when we go to public places to do business, due to the large number of people, we need to give each user a number, according to the number The order of work is done in order, so that the order is easy to maintain, and the work efficiency is high. To solve this user’s pain point, the function of digital signage self-checking is not suitable. In addition, there are some file-like materials that can also be self-printed through digital signage. In fact, many self-service terminals can be counted as digital signage.


2. Guides and guides. In high-end commercial venues, such as shopping malls or complexes, we can see a wide range of goods. Different businesses provide a wide range of services or products, and users may be puzzled at once. On the one hand, I don’t know where to go. On the other hand, I don’t know where the selected place is and how to get to the destination from the current location. At this time, in fact, digital signs can perfectly solve the above two problems. In general, The digital signage of high-end commercial places usually has a plan view and a three-dimensional view. Different blocks indicate different businesses and corresponding locations. When the user determines the location of a business, just click to go to see a clear path plan This plan is partial, and is different from the outdoor public-oriented sign system we usually mention. The role of digital signage in this business scenario is meticulous, precise,


3. For entertainment and recreation, we can also see a large number of digital signs in places of play, some of which require direct contact and operation, and some do not require contact at all. Instead, they can be connected to the user’s mobile phone to perform related operations. , For users, the sense of participation has been further improved. In the process of this participation, the user’s sense of acquisition will also be strengthened. Therefore, digital signage can also have entertainment and pastime functions.



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