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World is now changing and using new technologies to get high performance as well as cost effective solution. As in the past, SAMSUNG, LG, AUO, BOE, and other well-known LCD panel suppliers only provided fully finished panels, resulting in high costs. With the advancement of the LCD industry, the cost of a whole machine is now lower than the cost of an LCD panel. As a result, Clients are looking for another cost-effective solution to assure a reasonable profit. Then, in order to reduce the material cost of the External Frame, the Open Cell solution is developed, which helps up the expansion of small-scale companies in the LCD industry. So, what is open cell solution and how it’s going to make a cost effective solution? An Open Cell is just a part of LCD panel without backlight. As we all know that getting the fully finished LCD panel (Traditional LCD module product) from SAMSUNG, LG, AUO, BOE, and other well-known suppliers were expensive. But, if we use Open cell solution to assemble all parts by ourselves to achieve the complete LCD module panel that would be very cost effective.

In another approach, the Open Cell solution will not only reduce the cost of the LCD screen, but will also make the entire machine thinner than before. Certainly, a solution with a cheaper cost and a more fashionable appearance is currently very popular. The Open Cell Solution products will be the dominant trend in the LCD sector in the near future.

The LCD video wall is the most affordable option on the market! There are no consumable parts in the system, and therefore does not require routine maintenance. LCD panels also consume far less power than rival technologies. The LCD video wall has a very low total cost of ownership and is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the long run, thanks to its low maintenance requirements, low power consumption.

With new types of screens, higher resolutions, and varied aspect ratios, video wall displays are constantly evolving and changing. We don’t know what will happen or when it will happen, but we do know it will be larger and better. LED displays are already getting more inexpensive and, as a result, more popular. They are becoming increasingly popular in control rooms, where exact visualization of data and crucial features is required to preserve operational efficiency. They are bezel-less and give greater brightness and contrast.

Video walls are common in control rooms, collaboration rooms, auditoriums, and laboratories, but they’re also common in retail malls, airports, and sports arenas. Since a picture or video is worth a lot in today’s generation, video walls are becoming more common. Video walls are rapidly being used for security monitoring, network monitoring, and emergency center operations across many industries such as transportation, utilities, and mining, in addition to promoting commercials, engaging audiences, and providing information.

Recognizing that customers’ budgets are always a worry, Screenage intends to deliver a cheap LCD Display screen solution to market, but the quality must be excellent. Over the years, we’ve discovered solid products at the most competitive pricing.

The video wall display solutions provided by Screenage are always of the best possible quality. Our portfolio always includes the best solution for your application, as it is available in a number of technologies, sizes, and resolutions. With our customized software and a comprehensive selection of expert services, you can get the most out of your video wall.



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