Convey an effective showroom and vendor experience, and transform your visitors into buyers with dealership digital signage. Dealers need to benefit as much as possible from one of their key qualities, their brand identity. Numerous individuals feel faithful to their brand and personally associated with it. Having digital signage implies that vendors can play the most recent video content for their models in the display area, carrying clients into the brand’s reality.

Benefits of Using Auto Digital Signage
  • Digital signs in automotive dealerships can increase sales.
  • Digital signage can be interactive.
  • Minimizes perceived wait time.
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Printing cost saved.
  • Seeking out more attention from customers.


Sreenage gives best-in-class and exceptionally powerful Digital signage, video wall solutions for your automotive industry. Automotive dealers can use digital signage to engage customers and improve their experience in the showroom. By adding digital signage, brands can lift the look and feel of their dealerships, and they can use their displays to strengthen brand identity, promote offers and build trust with customers. Automotive dealerships need to create an atmosphere that straight away snatches the attention of customers and converts deals, With Screenage you can adequately control what content you want to play and do real-time brand awareness. Promotions & advertisements of your company can be done by using our advanced digital signage, video wall solutions, and interactive kiosks, etc. This could help your business drive greater sales and better marketing. Reduce perceived wait times with dealership digital signage by giving amusement to clients during stay times, for example, a customer waiting for a salesperson to assist to buy the car or while sales associates are assisting other customers. Communicate effectively utilizing progressed showcasing innovation all through the dealership, from inviting guests in the lobby to illuminating workers regarding recent announcements in the lounges and the showroom.