Advantages of digital signage in smart transportation scenarios

With the rapid development of digital information technology, the overall technology in the urban transportation field has also been effectively improved, and information modernization and intelligence have gradually been realized, and “smart transportation” has gradually been realized from the concept. Based on the background of smart transportation, how to realize the smart display of traffic information is the key. In-depth analysis of the application and advantages of digital signage in smart transportation, aviation, subway and rail transit.

Airport flight display application

With the rapid development of social processes, the digital construction of urban airports not only assumes the responsibility of aviation infrastructure, but also becomes the central hub of regional economic integration and urban internationalization. The year-on-year increase in passenger throughput and the continuous improvement of airport service quality have placed stringent requirements on real-time information updates and display equipment at the airport.

Actually used in airport scenarios, digital signage can be used as a large aviation display screen to realize the intelligent display of information. On the one hand, after being equipped with the CMS messaging system, it can realize the unified scheduling and control of the information released by multiple terminal devices, present flight and boarding gate information in real time, realize flight information guidance, meet the needs of passenger flow information identification, and can also follow up in time. Check-in status of each flight to enhance the passenger’s flight experience; in addition, information such as flight number, remaining flight tickets, city weather and other information can also be presented in real time, which is helpful to check-in users, ticket purchasers, pick-up users and other groups Grasp relevant information instantly.

Airport flight display application

More than that, digital signage mostly adopts micro-frame design, classic appearance, unique business texture, and can be more simple and beautiful in actual application, and improve the airport grade; considering that the airport is mostly a public place open 24 hours, ensure that the airport releases information The normal and continuous playback of the video is particularly critical. If traditional display devices are used, product burns and malfunctions will easily occur after long-term continuous work, which will inevitably affect the daily information presentation. Digital signage supports 7×24 hours of continuous operation around the clock, with an industrial life of up to 50,000 hours, ensuring that information can be presented simultaneously in real-time under application scenarios, giving airport staff peace of mind.
Metro Rail Transit Application
Metro Rail Transit Application

Throughout the development history of metro rail transit, the role of display screens cannot be underestimated in how to achieve efficient interaction between stations and passengers. It has been spread all over the rail transit platforms, halls, passages, entrances and exits, making it convenient for passengers at any time. Get travel information. It also lies in enhancing the interactive experience of passengers through efficient information services.

Actually used in subway rail transit scenarios, digital signage can be applied to subway station entrances on the one hand. After docking with the subway PIS system, it can provide dynamic display of the entire station and arrival information, realize accurate station broadcasts, and visually display the direction of rail transit lines And transfer information, so that passengers can keep track of subway station information in time.
digital signage

On the other hand, digital signage can also be applied to major entrances and exits for publicity display. For example, during the epidemic prevention and control precautions, government affairs dynamics, convenience information, and commercial advertisements can all be shown in a carousel or even split-screen scrolling. Through comprehensive information display, good travel convenience services are provided.
smart transportation

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