9 Major Trends in Digital Signage for 2023

Whether your looking to invest in a digital signage for the new year or you’re a professional in the digital signage market and want to learn new deployment focuses, we’ve compiled a list of digital signage trends for 2023. Some of these trends feature digital signage technology that has already been implemented and will get more focal points, while others are new technologies that will improve the overall solution.

Here are 9 digital signage trends you can expect for the New Year.

1. Increase of Digital Out-of-Home Ads

Currently, consumers receive around 6,000 to 10,000 advertising impacts each day. With the influx of ads viewers interact with daily, businesses need to adopt captivating signage, like digital out-of-home ads to stand out from the crowd. These digital signage screens have evolved from marquees and giant digital billboards. This includes outdoor screens, screens in shopping centers, public transportation, and business buildings. LED and LCD displays use is projected to continue to increase to engage viewers. Since a human’s attention span is less than 8 seconds, companies have adopted this sort of advertising to immediately capture the audience’s attention through dynamic, interactive content.

In 2023, digital out-of-home ads will advance with the deployment of automated ads purchased on specific sites that focus on buyers’ profiles to measure the return on investment of ads campaigns.

2. Growth of Holographic Ads

One trend that will revolutionize the digital signage market is the increase in holographic ads and overall artificial intelligence. We’ve been introduced to holograms with award shows deploying holographic performances of late musicians and businesses using holographic reporting for live meetings. This digital display technology allows you to project objects and images in 3D with interaction and movement. Although this technology isn’t new, it recently went viral in Japan through KitKat, making this digital signage solution popular and potentially a big digital signage heavy hitter in 2023. The hologram campaign was deployed for the purpose of wishing good luck to students. To achieve this, the marketers projected the hologram of a boy band DISH reciting a good luck song on users’ phones.

Hologram ads tap into consumers’ curiosity with no doubt providing an engaging experience to immediately stop a person in their tracks. This type of advertisement can create a “viral” effect and in 2023, every company that wants to spread brand awareness will invest in this technology.

Screenage digital signage

3. QR Codes are Here To Stay

QR codes enable you to access web content quickly through mobile phones. This digital signage trend is popular in public spaces, retail, and restaurants. With the boost of QR codes after the pandemic, we can see the use of QR codes continually growing in 2023.

Screenage digital signage

In the new year, capturing data will be the focal point for businesses and QR codes are just the tool to provide this information. Marketers use QR codes to track performance metrics, customer preferences and other helpful analytics. They can gauge the performance of product or marketing campaigns and use the insights to implement better business decisions. Also, QR codes give users an excellent connection between personal smartphones and public screens. This digital signage to mobile device connection will be a growing usage in 2023 with the data possibilities it can provide.

4. Digital Signage in Metaverse

Metaverse is a new trend popularized by one of the most prominent social media brands, Meta, which houses a virtual reality world for consumers.

Other social media brands will participate in the metaverse future. A good example is Fortnite, which raised $2 billion to grow in the metaverse.

Metaverse will impact digital advertising because it will be a part of the future digital economy. Therefore, the digital signage content for promoting these products and services will play into that. If metaverse becomes popular, you will have to leverage such access to a wide market share.

5. Shoppable Video Ads in Retail Malls

Another digital signage marketing trend you can expect in 2023 is shoppable video ads. Imagine walking through a mall and seeing an outfit you like on the digital signage outside of the mall. Normally, one would have to research to find the apparel. However, with shoppable video ads, you can access products you want with one click.

With this type of advertisement, images of products or services are placed on top of the video ads in malls or airports, allowing viewers to get more information about items or services. As a result, it simplifies the purchase journey and makes it easier for you to track and sell products from every platform.

6. Facial Recognition Screens for Corporate Businesses

With the increasing concerns about cyber-criminal activity, digital signage systems will most likely feature facial recognition screens in the future. These screens may allow access to restricted or private places using artificial intelligence and cameras for facial recognition.

Furthermore, you can expect non-contact temperature control solutions and systems for managing distances between individuals. These facial recognition screens may also alert users when they fail to follow the rules.

7. Rise of Touchscreen Innovation

digital signage Screenage

According to research, 65% of school children have a smartphone, and 47% use a tablet daily. Touchscreen innovation is everywhere, from checking your phone, and accessing healthcare records, to buying a plane ticket. Because of the popularity of this technology, you can expect digital signage in 2023 to feature advanced touchscreen signage capabilities. From interactive learning to purchasing items, touchscreens will transform how people consume content.

8. Live Streaming on Digital Signage

Apart from lobby signs, donor walls, and digital welcome boards, many businesses have incorporated live streaming for interactive digital signage. Live streaming will grow in popularity in the coming years. For instance, through consumer-oriented material like YouTube and digital display solutions, it’s possible to increase live streaming for commercial reasons.

Additionally, some software connectors will make this procedure efficient. Some use cases for live streaming are to broadcast a marketing video in the lobby or to engage your audience with real-time feeds of your social media accounts. This technology will encourage viewers to participate in your live streaming. Therefore, any material you publish will receive an immediate response, improving customer engagement.

9. Focus on Digital Signage’s Sustainability

While sustainability has been a talking point for businesses in past years, in 2023, we will see more businesses taking a sustainable approach with their digital signage. Digital signage has already proved to be a sustainable technology with users reducing waste and water, but there are other pillars outside of environmental efforts that can make a business sustainable. According to Sustainability for All, the two other pillars are social and economic development, in which digital signage assists with driving growth. As a result, businesses will venture outside of norm sustainability efforts and invest more into digital signage and all it has to offer for the environment and community.

Keep Your Digital Signage Ahead of the Trend

Screenage window facing display digital signage

Digital signage today has become a popular investment, especially as consumers are retuning back outside and employees are returning to back to the office, even if it’s as a hybrid. With businesses seeing the value of digital signage, year-over-year growth with new technological advances is expected. Some common trends include eye-catching in-store ads, kiosks, digital menu boards, video walls, and wayfinding signage. However, the digital signage industry is still young, and you can expect to see new technology in 2023. Therefore, keep researching the top digital signage trends if you wish to stand out from your competition.



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