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86 Inch Floor Standing Kiosk

Product: 86 inch Floor Standing Kiosk
Installation time: 2022
Area: Brunei International Airport
Key features:
• 4K Display
• Super slim body
• Automatic temperature control
• Integrated multiple CMS
• Plug and Play
86 Inch Floor Standing Kiosk

86 inch floor standing kiosk for Brunei airport.

Our Digital Advertising Kiosks are perfect for a wide range of applications, including airports, hotels, retail establishments, and museums, to name a few. Unlike other digital advertising panels that require wall mounting and cabling. These freestanding digital signage display systems may be quickly deployed with no inconvenience. The sleek advertising totem is equipped with a high-definition commercial-grade digital display screen that can be used 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also includes an integrated media player as well as HDMI/VGA ports for connecting to a PC or laptop, making content playback a breeze. The media player includes a plug-and-play USB port that allows you to quickly put your content onto the kiosk’s internal memory.

This portrait Digital Signage Kiosk is ideal for retail, as it allows customers to read offers or information while also assisting with foot traffic and the entire sales experience. Digital Signage Kiosks make information display simple by allowing passers-by to passively view the content you choose. This kiosk is perfect for displaying important notices, wayfinding, or other general information that may be relevant to your brand or company, making it ideal for reception areas or waiting rooms. Due to their adjustable location, unlike conventional LCD signs displays that require wall mounting, the freestanding kiosks catch attention by appearing in your audience’s eye line – simply position, plug in, and play! A well-placed digital kiosk may make all the difference, providing a truly memorable and effective journey for your audience.

We design bespoke free-standing digital signage totems just for your business. Custom branding allows you to incorporate your company’s logo and color scheme into the display, reinforcing your brand message and making your store stand out.

Please feel free to contact us, if you need this kind of special demand. Our solution will beyond your expectation!