Study Cases

85 inch digital signage kiosk for reception study case in Asia

Product: 85 inch digital signage kiosk
Installation time: 2020
Area: Asia
Key features:
• 85 inch 4K IPS panel
• Powerful RK 3399 android board
• Integrated browser framework of cloud based CMS
• Custom-made design
85 inch digital signage kiosk

Reception area is an important place for every company, every hotel or every firm. It’s the first place for the visitor to get impressive about the company or the place. How to spread the effective information to the visitor by a soundless way is important. Use the kiosk or advertising player from Screenage, you can handle this issue very easy, you can show the welcome information or specified content to the display in few seconds time! This is a study case we have done in Asia with our 85-inch floor standing advertising kiosk.