Study Cases

55 inch 3.5mm narrow bezel video wall study case in Germany

Product: 55 inch 3.5mm narrow bezel DID video wall
Installation time: 2021
Area: Germany
Key features:
• 55 inch 3.5mm narrow bezel video wall
• Original DID-LCD BOE panel
• Good white balance factory setting
• 4K resolution for the whole video wall screen
• Push out bracket, convenient for maintain service
• Daisy chain and DP loop support
55 inch video wall

This is one of the typical video wall project we have done for our client. It’s for the showroom of the company, 9 pieces 55 inch video wall with narrow 3.5 mm bezel makes a very good content performance for every signal guest. Before we deliver the product to the custom, we have done the perfect white balance setting in our factory already. Also, position setting of each panel has been mention on the installation guide paper inside the package, it’s very easy for the end user to make the installation. With daisy chain and DP loop, client can change the layout in the future as any as they want! Please feel free to send the inquiry, if you want to know more about this project.