Study Cases

55 inch way-finding kiosk for shopping mall study case in Lebanon

Product: 55 inch digital signage kiosk
Installation time: 2017
Area: Lebanon
Key features:
• 55 inch 500 nits high brightness panel
• Integrated way finding system inside
• Integrated browser framework of cloud based CMS
• Custom-made design
55 inch digital signage kiosk
As the retail business center, shopping mall is the landmark for every city. Modern shopping mall is not just the place for shopping, but also it’s the place for entertainment and eating, like cinema, game center and restaurant, there are hundreds difference shops inside the shopping mall. So, as the dynamic advertising display inside, it’s demand for the digital signage is not only to post advertising images and videos, but also visitors would like  interactive with the kiosk to find right information that they need to know, like where the location of the store, like the promotion discount information. Our free standing kiosk with Pro-Cap touch screen its not only a display can showing contents, but also integrated the way-finding system inside would allows visitor do the search information and use way-finding system. It’s specialized made for the shopping mall. Please feel free to contact us, if you want to know more about the shopping mall project.