Study Cases

49 inch window facing high brightness display study case in Canada

Product: 49 inch window facing high brightness display
Installation time: 2020
Area: Canada
Key features:
• 4K resolution
• 49 inch 3,000 nits super high brightness
• Smart brightness control by ambient light
• Integrated browser framework of cloud based CMS
• Perfect image performance from outside
49 inch window facing high brightness display

Most of the dessert shop would be located in the busy street, in that case the flow of people would not be small and business would go well. But like most of the retail store on the street, the decoration style will must have a very big picture window to allow the visitors would be attracted by the wide variety of goods inside the store. Our window facing display product be made by the demand on that. It would show the perfect performance no matter for videos or images. This is the study case for our window facing display product for a dessert shop in Canada, you can see the passerby has been attracted by our display.

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