46″ BOE Panel Video Wall

Boe panel video wall with size of 46" and various bezel size available like 3.5mm, 1.7 mm, and 0.88mm.


Bezel \Size 46 inch
3.5 mm  Available
1.7 mm Available
0.88 mm Available

We provide high-resolution, commercial-grade direct view LED displays with pixel pitches ranging from 0.8mm to 3.5mm for a wide range of applications. BOE video wall panels with super narrow bezel. Connect large number of BOE panels to create a video wall of any shape and size. Our seamless, direct view LCD’s video wall display solutions suit practically every indoor and outdoor application, whether it’s high-detail material viewed up close in a boardroom or gigantic digital signs hanging in an airport.

lcd video panel
Anti-Glare Surface

Anti-Glare Screen!

Would have perfect image even under lighting.

lcd video wall
Supports Multiple Installation

Choose Any Installation Type as You Desire!

Connect a large numbers of display together to create a Video Wall of any shape or any size and any design.

lcd video wall display
Easy Maintenance Service

Maintenance Service Easier!

With Push-Out bracket, it would be easy to do the maintenance service.

lcd video wall for sale
UHD Display

Ultimate 4K high definition resolution!

Even on large screen images looks clear and realistic, not pixelated.

lcd video wall price
Multiple Bezel Width

Super Narrow Bezel!

We can make the slimmest bezel upto 0.8mm.

lcd video panel
Multiple Input

Multiple Signal Input Support!

Support HDMI 1.4, DVI, VGA and AV input.

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